Revisiting the Dreamer scoreboard

This question is primarily addressed to those who have munched the data from the scoreboard and produced some interesting statistics:

Do you think you can estimate how many Dreamer solves were not logged? (AKA: how far down the scoreboard was I really?) Might you be able to predict from all the other information what the Dreamer score might have been for those solvers?


  • ReneZ11ReneZ11 ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    576 people solved all challenges (excluding Patron, because there's not enough solves yet). 518 people solved all challenges excluding Dreamer (and Patron). So roughly ~60 people who solved every other challenge were affected.

    And some more statistics:

     X  Dreamer+X !Dreamer+X
     0     6217      2542
     1     2279      2542
     2     1563       700
     3     1254       362
     4     1129       237
     5     1026       166
     6      961       144
     7      883       114
     8      818       101
     9      723        88
    10      629        74
    11      521        58
    12      118        21

    This shows how many people solved at least X challenges *other* than Dreamer, and how many of those have a time for Dreamer or not.

    E.g. 629 people solved Dreamer and 10 other challenges, while 74 people didn't solve Dreamer but solved 10 other challenges.

    This means that at most 114 people were affected in their leaderboard score, but the fraction of those competing for the top placings is very small. If you compare the two leaderboards, there's barely a difference,

    As for you personally, your 8th worst relative solve time was 7:14. If you were the first to solve Dreamer, you would have moved up to #51 (from #83). But, since Dreamer was the first challenge, solve times are probably among the worse ones on average.

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    Of course I wasn't first. :-) I solved it in roughly 4h45 (about 5-10 minutes before I posted). That puts me at #16 on the Dreamer scoreboard, but maybe 50 other people also solved it before me and weren't logged.

    But it's all about random circumstances, really. Explorer was one of the easier ones, but I had to go to a meeting before I'd solved it.

  • well, I may be the top most agent that was affected by this bug.

    I should be just after the rank #7 in Dreamer ranklist, because frisee and me are teamwork.

    with my Dreamer time, my total time in Best 8 will kick out the worst #8 Patron (2:16) and add the Dreamer (1:30). My final score should be about 8:08, from #8 to #6, ahead of frisee and tchakkazulu.

    But anyway, that is the same to me.

    Finally, Congrats to the greatest Decoders in both factions!

  • RTLQuietuSRTLQuietuS ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    This decoding series was the only part of Ingress I've interacted with for a while because of getting disenfranchised with Niantic's continual QA issues during events, (Recently, umbra decoding emails were late, giving one team a heavy advantage over the other, plus a long long history or mistakes) (and just getting bored of the game, Prime is slowly taking shape and after a phone upgrade most of my complaints are gone).

    I can put up with the continuous GPS cheating, because it's a really hard problem to solve, however between Dreamer, and inconsistencies in puzzle release timings, I think I'm done from this game.

    It's been fun, but unless I get invited to an anomaly decoding channel or something, I think I'm out for good.

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