13 Archetypes: Skeptic - Wrong Answers Only!

I'm trying to make a blog post, that covers this entire series.

I would love to know techniques that people tried, that led no where, or worse(better!) led somewhere that seemed promising, but wasn't.

So please, reply with how you attempted to solve Skeptic, Wrong answers only.


  • I attempted to mis-remember how to solve logic puzzles from grade 7, promptly made a spreadsheet that cross referenced all the logic, and fell into a gigantic rut on making assumption. All whilst I was out to dinner with family ignoring them getting myself into trouble.

    I should have just skipped this one completely, or tried to YOLO solve it. I'm probably going to still need some hints from someone to write this post, so feel free to DM me on Telegram with your efficient methods of solving it.

    I also thought one puzzle was a form of picross so was attempting to color in the squares.

    I made several logical fallicies in the logic statement puzzle that I'm sure others did the same.

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The third puzzle, it was essentially just lucky guesswork that the misdirection was in ONE of the two horizontal larger-numbers, and solving the rest of the puzzle around that. Took a couple of attempts to logically deduce which one.

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    I will see what I have when I go back through my notes and rewrite them for my future self’s sake. I recall only having to be methodical about everything…

  • For the middle puzzle, I didn't know the rules (or even name) of this type of puzzle until another user posted a hint, so I started with the assumption that all squares of each colour would contain the same value. Working from there, I eventually concluded that it wasn't possible for each square to contain a single digit while still only having one wrong clue. So I then considered multiple-digit and even negative numbers, as well as the possibility that an individual box's colour was the error.

  • XJL310XJL310 ✭✭✭

    Once I realize the left was e13ar, I didn't solved it at all.

    Right was straightforward to me.

    For the middle I thought for a while. I do know Kakuro (could be done better, anyway, this was my fastest one..) however, once I tried several time but cannot find the solution, I turned to try alternative rule including:

    include 0, allow for repeat number, etc..

  • I did something similar to this, attempting to reverse engineer what turned out to be the rules to kakuro until I showed this section to a local person who within 3 minutes not only had it solved but said "Whoever made this made a mistake, you can't solve this"

  • Used an online solver for the middle puzzle but assumed a wrong clue to be false. It still generates a consistent answer but some of the letters in the result are therefore wrong. Took me a while to figure out the correct keyword.

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