Mission Day TBD (Posting for a friend)

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Ok, so Tijuana mission day is what happens when you don't have POCs or registration.

# 1 Even as I write, there's no meeting place, no mission map, everything is still TBD. No POC, no accountability.

#2 No registration equals no participants list, I don't know which friends are going to show up that I actually want to meet up with.

#3 No meeting place means that I have to contact those people who don't have to register, that I don't know if they are going, to work out how and where to meet, or just plan on doing it all alone. 

Thought Niantic was trying to improve the social aspects of the game, not destroy them altogether 😠.  

Needless to say, I didn't go. Didn't want to drive 100 miles, pay to park, walk across the border, into a country where I don't know the language, only to find that nothing is live and can't find anyone I know 😠

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  • I have to agree here. The San Antonio MD only had a map, and nothing else. No schedule, no meet place, no contacts, no channels.

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    I haven't seen a published Mission Day attendance list for years; privacy issues. I know in some cities there were unofficial group photos or social events at the end, but the lack of a hard stop time or checkout means the natural social opportunity is gone.

    And it really confuses me why a Mission Day wouldn't have a map published as soon as it's accepted or announced -- shouldn't the official maps just be generated by a script from the mission spreadsheet?

    Chats are really important for not just socialization, but also sharing practical information like "you can get portal 5 from the back patio without climbing the stairs down to the beach and back up"; "you can get portal 3 by standing on the bus stop bench and leaning on the fence"; "skip mission X for now until the protest march is over"; "conference center is closed for a private event so one portal is inaccessible." as well as local information about food, amenities, and transportation.

  • As a POC for a couple Mission Days I can agree that communication to other Agents is a must, so a chat channel should have been made for everyone to join in. A meeting place for a group photo would be nice, so Agents can get together and start their MD and socialize. The lack of transparency and communication from Niantic on this issue is disturbing. Mission Day in my opinion should have been left alone and managed by a POC like IFS is currently still.

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