Ingress storyline

Hi, Okay basically I'm very confused with all the media being released by the Ingress youtube page. How can I make sense of what's really happening?


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    @SallyCurlz I would recommend possibly looking in The Investigation section to read back over what’s been happening. It’s rather complicated and a long read to be posted at once. If you’re on Telegram I could better help explain what’s going on by answering specific questions and giving you some generic run-down. Just look up by name on TG and send me a message.

    For some background, 13 Niantic Project Researchers were “killed” by an other-universe group calling themselves Nemesis. I put “killed” in quotes because Nemesis really only destroyed the Researchers “simulacra,” bodies made of XM, and woke up in a secret chamber deep under CERN lab. Agents are currently trying to rescue the Researchers who are trapped in the “anomalous bubble” which is the secret chamber that has been cut off from our world completely by four Barriers that Nemesis erected around the chamber.

    Finally, there is a mysterious entity dubbed the Tethered Hand who is running their own puzzle and cat-and-mouse games that is directly tied to the whole Nemesis storyline side of Ingress. The six-sided Media you mentioned are called Tesserae and play a big role in the Tethered Hand’s game. At the same time, we are learning why Nemesis is doing what they are doing as well as their backstories, etc. There’s a lot more on this that I can tell you on TG if you like.

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