Earth Day Wayfarer Event?

@NianticCasey Is it possible for Niantic to start working on Earth Day Event for 2020? It would be awesome, if there was a location we could go to start nominating our cities for this event. Some cities have a ton of parks that could use the clean up after the winter. This year I would like to see it as a Wayfarer event, as it gets players from all games involved which could really help lots of parks in one city instead of just one park in one city. The event could have special bonuses for players who participate in the various games but also for Wayfarer players who are wanting to learn and teach how to review for wayfarer. Being it is a city event and multiple parks, it could be a weekend long event to give others more than one day to attend.


  • TailpotTailpot ✭✭
    edited February 2020

    That is up to niantic. Sounds like a cool event.

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    I'd like to see more wayfarer events that aren't specific to certain areas, but Earth Day does sound like a prime opportunity to be an "Improve the Earth around you" thing. Although I'd be worried about some new reviewers cause of the event miscontruing Earth Day with submitting/approving natural features. But as said above a "Explore/improve your local parks!" could be good. Especially if it could encourage people to walk around instead of drive.

    "Earth Day" does unfortunatly exclude the Lunar Portal Network. But there's only like 3 Portals there anyways (hopefully more if my upgrades get more of my subs pushed through.)

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