Chapter 9 and EnemyMine


These new intel have been shared. According to this new EnemyMine transcript, some interesting connections can be made. More evidence to support the speculation of Didact being the Nemesis node Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

I've received the new order banner of Nemesis from the NIA. One Nemesis member looks to be skipped. We are now in Chapter 9, perhaps it is as they said, some things have changed, and Nemesis is being adaptive.

Perpetua's Taunt has just surfaced. What they said is some what alarming, that Dr. Yuri Nagassa is trying to obtain memories I assume are from Nemesis. Yet, I can't help feeling curious what those memories might be, and also how the Researchers are able to perform this task within their bubble.

The Hexathlon is coming. It's going to be a gamble one way or another. As usual, stay safe everyone.


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