Is EXIF information disabled in prime?

GPS information in photo's EXIF was very helpful for reviewers to confirm the location, especially in China where we don't have Google street view.

Nearly 99% GPS I've ever encountered can be trusted. Only very few were away from their real location and I haven't found any(as I can remember) that were falsified deliberately to generate fake portals.

Recently it seems that EXIF almost disappears, except for some old candidates without supporting photo which means they were submitted through scanner redacted. (By the way, only Android scanner kept EXIF and iOS did not. I was always curious about that, but it seem not important any more...)

So I'm wondering that if all EXIF has been removed in prime. But I'm not sure so here I'm asking.

If this is true, would it be possible that some day EXIF will return in prime?

I get the point that other information in EXIF can leak privacy and cause some abuse by making submitter identifiable.

But GPS is really useful. If only there's some way to cut off everything else and only keep GPS left.

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