Remaining Livestream Candidates?

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So, we've been seeing Livestreams from within the Anomalous Bubble conducted by the Niantic Researchers as the Nemesis Investigation has been ongoing. I'm curious about any other Persons of Interest that haven't done one yet.

@Truthseeker, Jahan and Azmati Prime and Gabrielle(the Osiris Acolyte) are ones that come to mind.

Any other candidates? If there's enough interest and assuming those POIs have the ability to do so, perhaps they'll step forward and put their thoughts-and answer questions-on camera.


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    So far the live streams have been researcher specific.

    Before any candidates, there's a bigger candidate to interview and that would be the one who we have direct communication with: @Truthseeker. I think there's enough breadcrumbs to lead you directly involved with Dunraven. Reaching out to Wendy initially, Jahan (she is Professor Watkins), Osiris Hank, and how could I forget? ADA. Maybe you helped Nemesis without even knowing.

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