Current Top 10 Solvers in Time

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I've written some SW to do all the analytics on the solves of every puzzle so far, here are your top 10 solves so far.

punchingcat Solved Visionary in 435.000000 seconds (00:07:15)

tchakkazulu Solved Humanist in 603.000000 seconds (00:10:03)

SQL Solved Explorer in 1141.000000 seconds (00:19:01)

Kasetohu Solved Humanist in 1165.000000 seconds (00:19:25)

MrsSpectrum Solved Humanist in 1227.000000 seconds (00:20:27)

Kokuryuu Solved Explorer in 1268.000000 seconds (00:21:08)

TheHiveMind Solved Humanist in 1376.000000 seconds (00:22:56)

edoced Solved Visionary in 1423.000000 seconds (00:23:43)

TrueHanash Solved Interpreter in 1431.000000 seconds (00:23:51)

SlashMe Solved Humanist in 1518.000000 seconds (00:25:18)

Here are the total solves so far


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