No emails on portal accept/reject

mantolwenmantolwen ✭✭
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I appear to have stopped receiving emails for portal agreement or rejection.

Platform: Ingress

Date of submission 4 February 2020

Date of rejection ~25 February 2020

Name: Seven Kings

Location: Dunfermline, Fife, UK

I would like to know the reasons for rejection so that I can resubmit this better

Platform: Ingress

Date of submission 31 January 2020

Date of approval 24 February 2020

Name: Victorian Postbox - Garscube Terrace


First that I realised this was agreed was when I saw the key in my inventory

I like to keep track of when portals are approved/rejected, and it's also good to get notifications on when these things happen in general.


  • I also had something approved yesterday (Ingress submission) that I didn't get an email for. I first learned about when going through my keys recharging.

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