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The common complaint are nominations taking a long time to get accepted. It may be an error on Niantic or probably just the community is frustrated & barely reviewing. Introducing additional rewards for reviewing could possibly encourage people to vote more. An upgrade allows u to skip the line or get more views but reality is if hundreds/thousands of people are upgrading it basically cancels out itself. I suggest in-game bonuses/perks. This way even if reviewers aren’t getting nominations accepted they can still earn in-game rewards for their hard work. Ability to earn wayfarer credits that can be used in game as a secondary form of currency. Or even just aesthetic upgrades. Another option is an in-game wayfarer event where if a certain number of reviews are met the entire community can unlock bonuses like double AP. Whatever Niantic decides it’s definitely crucial that we have some kind of added rewards beyond upgrades. Thx for reading

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    You should get to unlock the Cinnamon Raisin Toast avatar once you get Onyx Recon Badge. That’d be the best reward.

  • I don't need any reward to start reviewing again. I want my park submission to actually pass. I want the community hot spot to not be rejected as a generic business. I want the ability to report abuse from reviewers that do not accept a submission for laughable reasons. The problem is not being rewarded as much as it is the feeling that the effort is wasted. You only need to look around at some of the hate comments here about GO to see what the Ingress community thinks about GO submissions. The high and mighty attitude of the old guard is the problem as is the lack of any sane communication from Niantic itself. The latest update literally says a park without a sign is not eligible. Where do you go from there? When the stupid starts at the top the peons at the bottom are giddy with glee. No amount of reward at this point will bring people back to the system.

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    Cinnamon Raisin Toast avatar will bring people back to the system.

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    @GearGlider put a hat on it, or give it a future shiny chance and I'm all in.

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    (Inadvertantly double posted)

  • Party hats on toast? Nah. Party hat beacons.

  • As if to prove their point....

  • I agree, i have a ton of valid portals that are rejected, even when i provided extra sources (links to official governemental site that says its no longer a private residence, but a monument now, same applies for aformer school)still gets rejected because revieuwers wont read my additional info, or they say something is on private property when its on the wall and you can touch it from the sidewalk. 2 km further away there are portals where you have to walk 25 m in someones frontlawn to touch it, but thats ok.... since they survived my invalid portalreports 3 times....

    that, and the fact i get portals to revieuw from england,france and the netherlands while i live in belgium are the reason i stopped revieuwing for a while,... takes to much effort whithout you getting result. My last accepted waypoint was when i actually was on a weekend in the netherlands(the region i must revieuw a lot). Same portaldensity as at home, submitted on a saterday, when i arrived home on monday it was accepted.... i have nominations that say in voting phase for 5 months now...

  • @ignisdelnocte

    or they say something is on private property when its on the wall and you can touch it from the sidewalk

    That is PRP...

    Your outside wall is still your property, regardless if I can touch it from the sidewalk.

    This has been clarified by Niantic multiple times

  • Giving rewards creates a perverse incentive. You would end up with people reviewing to get the rewards rather than to improve the Wayspot database. Which in turn results in bad reviewing.

  • We don't need any extra rewards, what we need is POGO players taken out from "Wayfarer" and bring OPR back for Ingress players.

    When OPR was live, nominations were accepted faster...It actually could take from 1 to 5 days to accept a nomination, but with wayfarer it takes 1 to 5 months it seems.

    Niantic Must stop granting POGO players Ingress players privilegies, but doesn't care about Ingress, everything is going to ****!

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    When OPR was live, my Portals would take 6-8 months to finish reviewing. Even after reject reasons it was taking 3-4 months.

    With Wayfarer and PoGO reviewers, it's taking 2-4months for reviews. Not ideal, but still better than what it used to be.

    Could just be a regional thing for you.

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    Most people are complaining of longer times and upgrades not working. I don't think this is an isolated regional thing.

    They actual had to have a Wayfarer event with game rewards in Korea to try to get people to review.

    All signs point to a system that isn't really working.

    I did a calculation that if I expected to get an upgrade for every portal then it's approximately 2 hours per portal which includes travel time to area and an assumption of needing to resubmit a certain percentage. I don't think very many people are willing to do that for every portal. There may be 2 or 3 that I'll dig out from my subs in the near future but most of them I won't.

  • i didnt ask Niantic to put all their games on one Platform. If i could, i instantly would have not to deal with ingress and players like you.

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    If you dont like ingress, please leave this community. It is for Ingress, so good or bad people, they're actually in they right to express their hate for something here.

    That's won't work at all. Do that and more people that dislikes ingress will start playing it again just to get access level for the features. What might actually work is decrease the access lv for wayfarer in the others games, so MORE people will be able to review. See, the problem isn't pokemon players or ingress players, the problem is just perception of scale. More people means more submissions, more reviews, and also more [email protected] Doesn't matter from where they came from.

    What might actually work is parity: Lowering access lv in pokemon. Add like pictures system into pogo and/or change nhow gyms are created. Increasing online pokestop (jump to s18), creating their own community forums.

    And to avoid low quality portal approvals, a change in the rules and and an effective report system based on quality.

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    To add on, creating a hub or group to encourage people in the area to review does wonders.

    A lot of people don't review because they just don't understand the criteria, or find the whole process confusing or overwhelming. Having reviewing guides, and experienced reviews accessible to help newbies when they have questions, fun local events like bingo, etc. It all helps more people get into reviewing and get my portals approved faster.

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    Depends a lot on your region. In the areas I submit, the only thing that is faster is edits (which instead of never, take a few months and I'm super grateful for that). Overall where I am, the submission quality is much, much worse. (Benches were rare for me in the OPR era.) In one area nothing goes through anymore without an upgrade.

    I'm absolutely not advocating for removing PoGoers from Wayfarer and I think there are many positives that have come out of it, but there are legitimate reasons for some people to feel like they have it worse off now.

    What is depressing is that review times in places I submitted stayed fast for many months after upgrades were introduced last year. The honeymoon period for Wayfarer was maybe two months. It's only going to get worse with the arrival of spring.

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    @AgentB0ss I have over 4k+ reviews with 8 upgrades waiting to be reviewed, some of them have been in wait for 3+ months, besides those which are not upgrades but are being reviewed and still have no response

    I've seen the great change when Wayfarer came out, that's why I say what I say in my previous comment.

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    There has also been a plethora of System issues on the back end causing upgrades to be stuck. This is entirely unrelated to PoGo Players and more of a system issue.

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    I've seen no real change on nomination turnaround based on OPR/Wayfarer in my primary area, but a slightly more rural side of my town has had a turnaround of 3 days to 2 week at most from what used to take weeks to months.

    I love that PoGO has access to finally make nominations and vote. It isn't fair for Ingress Agents to be the sole gatekeepers of POIs. It's unfair for both of us - it's frankly too much work for Agents alone. I appreciate all the Trainers making nominations and (especially) reviewing. If they don't review, then, well, it only slows their nominations down, too.

    If you're experiencing upgrade issues, @medalorian, maybe give Casey a tag in https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/8919/update-on-wayfarer-upgrade-delays#latest since I know Niantic is hard at work fixing this.

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    Nomination turnaround has increased for me (4-7 weeks in OPR, 12-15 weeks in Wayfarer) since the advent of Wayfarer, but the last couple weeks, the backlog seems to have started clearing.

  • Okay,... now reread my complete comment, think 5 seconds, and then explain to me why a sign on a building telling how old it is, and what historic building stood there before and you can touch from the sidewalk since the outher wall and sidewalk are connected is considered a private residence, while i know 3 portals 2km away from me that are also on/in the outside wall, but you need to climb/jump over the (little) fence and walk on somebodys frontlawn to touch it is not.... they survived my invalid portalreports 4 times now, so i guess they are legit......

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