[Bug] Avatar not centralized after Portalview

Summary of issue: I don't know, if this was reported before nor that this is normal and no bug. Also I could'nt find something simmilar in the forum. In my opinion, the avatar should be centralized the whole time regardless of actions an agnt is doing. As you can see in video 1 and 2. Sometimmes I have the problem, the avatar is shifted to the edge of the screen. In video it is less then in Video 2. There you can see, I'm not even able to see the Point where I'm located anymore, unless I zoom in. To fix the issue a simple click on a portal and then leave the protalscreen will work, but i'ts annoying in a low density portal area when you cant clearly see where portals are located . Why this is happening I cound'nt figure out completely. It often happens when you're in the Portalview and then the avatar is moving due to GPS drift or sth. but it happens not every time.

video 1

video 2

Device: Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)

Android version: 8

Ingress version: 2.40.1-8f435e49

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