Coupling of Ingress and PoGo Account for wayfarer

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My intention is to couple my Pokemon Go Account to the google-Acc I use for Ingress to have the nomination management for both accounts together.

Now my problem is, that my PoGo Account was a only-PTC-Login - that means no wayfarer access. Simply coupling to the googlemail account had a little problem:

Few years ago i resetted my phone to factory settings. After installing PoGo again and starting the app, the app started the account creation without asking whether i would be a returning player .... so i did this **** with my google account, logged out, and logged in my PTC-Account and evrything was fine.

So for nowadays problem the idea was linking the accidentially created PoGo Acc to facebook, then unlinking the google mail, and then linking the googlemail to my PTC.

What happened: i cant log in my ingress account via google mail, only facebook. wayfarer shows me only my PoGo nominations now, but my reviewer statistics are still there. WHAT THE F*** ..... sozzled programmer?!

It seems, that this PoGo-accident-Account is bounded to my Ingress Account.... I logged in my Ingress Acc via facebook. Linking to my google Acc again is not possible, although there is no other Ingress Acc coupled to the googlemail, which is connected to me real PoGo Acc now ....

The only possibility I see is deleting the accident-account .... but after reviewing this mess I'm sure that Nia would delete the Ingress account too ..... so i have zero trust in the support, that evrything works fine, when i would write the support to delete this PoGo-accident.

Undoing the things I did until now would need me to create a second facebook account, because without that i couldnt remove the googlemail from my PTC Account ....

Does anyone here have expieriences with that problem?


  • Best thing found few minutes ago ....

    wayfarer wants me to do the test again .... i have the platinum badge xD

  • I have almost the same problem, but the accidently created account is used by my daughter....

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