Upgraded and stayed up late to ensure a safer placed gym and it just got added straight to pogo.....

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Currently accepted Waypoints are not getting added as portals in Ingress but are still getting synced to pogo, thus eliminating the window that allows us to influence safe pogo gym placement.

I had been planning a night of flip to place a gym in a safer car reachable spot instead of the middle of a park where the only direct pedestrian pathway doesn't get plowed in winter, essentially becoming a sheet of ice. I upgraded the nomination, saw it get accepted in the middle of the day thus allowing me time to influence the gym decision but due to the current sync bug it still hasn't been added to Ingress. Now today it gets added directly to pogo without ever having the possibility to upvote it, thus triggering the less accessible existing waypoint.

Its frustrating to make an effort to improve the safety/enjoyability of a game and getting screwed by Niantic in the process. I'm also sure there were plenty of other instances of people having their gym placement plans screwed by this bug as well as its happened for 2 days now and there is still no fix. Given the lawsuit issues caused by pogo in the past I would hope allowing players to influence the placement of pogo gyms for safety/access reasons would be a priority.

I am posting here because it is an Ingress bug that has caused the above issue and if the Ingress issue can't be fixed immediately it would benefit pogo players/Niantic to disable syncing for that game as well until the Ingress portal issue is resolved.

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  • It a wayfarer sub-forum and it has to do with wayfarer being bugged.

  • Yes, lets ban people people for making a good faith effort to make games safer/more accessible for everyone. Must be fun having the mind set of a small child.

  • And its an Ingress Wayfarer bug this post is complaining about and using the system as intended isn't gaming anything. Whatever, they'll just end up converting this forum over soon enough when they cancel this failed game.

  • Ingress is a tech demo with next to no gameplay features and only one purpose: to add new Pokéstops. That said, I'm still aiming to complete it before they turn it off.

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    This, the waypoints are shared by all games and pogo being the most popular + involving gathering is going to cause the most issues/attention around people accessing said waypoints. For this reason it is ideal that players be able to impact the placement location of gyms which players are encouraged to gather/lurk at. This current wayfarer/ingress bug impacts that ability and has an adverse impact.

    A gym getting placed in a poor location because of this bug and then causing issues with people accessing said waypoint still impacts Ingress and other Niantic game players as well because they are also using the same waypoints.

  • Glad to know accepted waypoints not showing up as portals in Ingress isn't an Ingress issue.

  • The issue being raised is not that the placement of the wayspot is incorrect, but that the glitch causing wayspots to not appear in ingress prevented the user from being able to push the gym to a new wayspot that had a better location to be upgraded to a gym.

  • In what way do you think the OP is trying to move a wayspot to an incorrect location? Am I missing a post? I don't see that they were trying to do that, nor do I see anyone bashing ingress (although I saw one person bashing pogo)

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    They are straight up illiterate, I make a post complaining about how an upgraded nomination got accepted but wasn't immediately added as a portal to Ingress because of a bug, thus adversely impacting the ability to pick the safest/most accessible location for the pogo gym.

    And they turn it into "moving a portal on the map to a place where the POI doesn't exist"..... yikes

  • Yes on the Waypoint A/B example, however, that plan was ruined by the current Wayfarer/Ingress bug where accepted waypoints aren't getting added to Ingress as portals immediately yet are still getting added to pogo thus eliminating any window to influence that decision. The posting here is because the above issue is caused by the fact ingress portals aren't being added atm and the impacts also go beyond Ingress.

  • People misunderstood the post, and it's been clarified.

    The ingress bug that caused your issue is known and being worked on. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime, we really do need a BETTER way to determine gym placement. Niantic, you want to avoid more lawsuits? Let's find a way that locals can make sure that gyms are placed on the wayspots least likely to cause issues. This week I used the voting trick to make sure a new gym landed on a local hotspot restaurant instead of a bowling alley. At first both seemed equally valid, but upon talking to the players nearby I was informed that the bowling alley has recently erected a bunch of signs insisting that the parking is for paying customers only. I would rather NOT have a new gym randomly land on a business that is likely to get irritated if 10 cars show up at odd times to do raids and block access to their paying customers. We can hope that most players will be sensible and respectful, but isn't it better not to push our luck because there's always that one idiot in the bunch.

  • So you want gyms to randomly land in bad spots that happen to be valid wayspots, but encourage idiots to play while driving and or bother businesses and or other locations that aren't well suited to gatherings? You want Niantic to get sued again by something that should be preventable, but instead ends with making things worse for all of us?

    Yes, I too am concerned that some players try to do stupid stuff, and I wouldn't stress too much over a gym in the center of a park, but there is absolutely no reason that gym creation SHOULD be random, as you say, and prone to cause more trouble for everyone. Most local players simply want to make things better for all of us, and we should be thanking them for their efforts. We either gotta trust the community to, usually, do what is best for the community when creating an extensive wayspot network, or not. If Niantic trusts you to submit and review wayspots, we should be focusing on trusting players to make other meaningful improvements and training/rewarding them to make sure we're doing it well.

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    The best location for a Gym is right in the midle of a park. People will gather there and have fun.

    Being car friendly would Just mess up with traffic and increase accident rate.

    The like system that decide gym location isn't a tool. It was a easy way do decide it since the probability of a hotspot having more pictures and like are higher, but since it was discovered how it works it became abuse.

    Niantic should find a new way, but it's too busy, or too lazy or just don't care. Entirely random would perfectly end the abuse until a better way came up, like giving the preference for green areas and parks, or using OSM, or cellphone data, etc. Weather the new system became, should NOT be related with Ingress or any other game. It should be automated or decide inside it's own game. Why is ok to Harry Potter have random fortress but pokemon go not?

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  • I thank all of the GO haters in this thread for demonstrating the intellectual capacity and social class of the average Ingress player. It's good to know that the ignorance and hate from my local Ingress player base is just the same everywhere. A credit to your community and game.

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