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Title of the Portal: Muziekschool Waterland


Google Maps:,4.9568802,18.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c606d00af40d7d:0x57d9fd065df2bef6!8m2!3d52.5029824!4d4.9573573

City: Purmerend

Country: Netherlands, The



The portal is of a music school, a place were people of all ages can learn to play a musical instrument or be part of an orchestra.

A music school is a nudge towards education.

Music is also culturally significant and so is the learning of how to play music.

It has al the right things for it to be a worthy portal, there is no reason this portal should have been taken offline.

The place and building still exist.

It does not obstruct the nearby firestation as its a few streets further.

Its a public place, there are no private residental appartments on the floor above it.

One could argue that it might be a generic business as you need to pay for leassons. Last time I checked you cant attend harverd for free either. Attractions at a theme park that are POI also still require a entrence fee. This leans more towards education then it is towards generic business.

Please reconcider your decition.


  • Agree, It has safe, free and public access...

    Just to take away any concerns... This is not on the grounds of PRIMARY/SECONDARY SCHOOLS

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    Dear NIA,

    As Purdee and Munchwillbeblue already mentioned above: This portal had nothing to do with primary or secondary schools. Muziekschool Waterland is a public foundation (stichting) were people can learn to play an instrument. Some musical projects there are subsidized by the Township as you can Read in the annual report. That makes it even more public and a worthy portal. Please reconsider.

    Thanks in advance

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    It has nothing to do with primary/secondary school however it's an educational center where people learn to play instruments. Is that what you mean?

    Colleges and colleges/universities are valid candidates unless they're private ones (generic business). Primary/secondary schools and kindergardens are not valid candidates. That ALSO includes private schools/kindergardens as it is labeled as generic business. School is always school. Read TOS.

    See what others will tell you.

  • Dear Niantic,

    In case of Muziekschool Waterland I can reassure you it is a public place to learn Music as a foundation.

    I stress this is a place where everyone can learn to play an instrument. It is not a primary or secondary school.

    It is an institution for subsidized education of music for all ages.

    I kindly ask you to reconsider the decision on removing this specific portal. Thank you very much.

    Have a nice day, kind regards, rubiablanca.

  • we have already covert that it is public. It is also for all ages. This means it is not as described in TOS a PG13 school. Though they do also give lessons for primary schools at primary schools while adults take lessons at this public location. orchestra practice also takes place at that portal location. They recieve money from the township to provide lessons. this makes it a publically funded project. I dont know any generic business that is funded by the goverment to provide a educational service.

  • Sorry but it doesn't matter who it is funded by. School is school.

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    a educational place with musician clubs and organisations yes. It has cultural and educational importance not just for this city itself but also 4 towns around it. Since Waterland is a bigger thing than just Purmerend.

    The removal doesn't make sense, the building is still there. It wasn't unreachable, the portal wasn't even inside the public building but right in front at the entrance so easy to reach even to ultra strike during midnight gameplay, with this i rule out ingress reports since both factions here don't have issues.

    So it sounds like Pokemon edit meddling to me. i'd like to see on which ground it really got removed as it does appear to have been a Pokemon gym and the owners itself didn't ask for the removal of the portal.

    Kind regards and please keep the game clean from Pokemon players abuse.

    edit: i'm the original submitter of the portal btw.

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  • I disagree, the submission guide clearly states

    "Candidates on the grounds of PRIMARY/SECONDARY SCHOOLS"

    On the please do not submit. This is neither of those. It's a place were you would go for lessons or to practice for a few hours a week after work / regular education. In Dutch it's still called a school but it's not a school in the traditional educational sense. In other places it's something typically provided in community centers.

  • Guess how you call a place where you take lessons? School. School is school, doesn't matter what kind of. You can write whatever you write but you're wrong dear. I'm an old player and I know what I talk about.

    This portal does not deserve to get restored and probably passed the opr because there were not so many portals around back then. I'm not responding to this topic any longer.

    See what others tell you.


  • Incorrect, the portal went live during opr in an area with plenty of portals and Nia decides if it's worth it or not. Peace ✌️

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    Well I am a player from 2015 so I could argue I am an old player as well who knows what he is talking about. Want to compare OPR stats next ?

    A school is a school is a school doesnt really apply as its up to K-12 and this is fact, the higher educations also still take place in guess what, a school. A dog is also trained at guess what, a school. A University is a group of schools.

    As NIA can problably check as well, everyone who responded here except VolimTablete88 have all captured the portal at one point or another. We also are from both factions so there is no faction bias here.

    Its a nod towards education, in this case a cultrally significant one at that. People gather here, train together, form bands and bonds. It may not be one of the best looking portals to look at, but it sure is a cultral hot spot with a nod towards education.

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  • vke123vke123 ✭✭✭

    Portal is back online

    Good choice

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