Favourite Mission Medals

I'de like to suggest and request this, being able to select/mark a few favorite missions medals. Favourited missions would appear first on mission medals page.

Lot of agents have thousands of missions done, and I saw a lot asking for a way to rearrange them, as they want some to show up first. But they ask for free management of it, and that I believe it's wrong, as most missions are create to be done in a specific order and it will ruin this (and it's a lot more work to do).

A favourite system would just increase the priority of them, showing first, but still in order of the accomplishment. There is something alike in wizard unite, where we are able to choose 5 to show in our profile.

It could be up to 6 free slot for everyone and more slots could be unlocked by buying at the store. This will allow everyone to select their favourite line to show in the profile, and those who like banners would be able to unlock more slots while also helping the revenue.

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