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After filling out everything necessary on a submit you get to the final screen and click submit I done so got the red error box.

As you do you try again like Usual but it does not go through always red error box.

Here's the fun part it now takes a submit of your total amount.

Niantic support on ingress blamed it on me saying I submitted twice.

No it's your buggy game I'm not happy and want my submits back.

No email confirmation, not showing up on wayfarer on home WiFi.

Submits still gone.


  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    I get it to with Prime 2.40.1 when i submit again it is work. When i look on Wayfarer i have 2 of same nomination but 1 only get 1 email from the nomination i dont get the erro in Prime. I hope Niantic fix the erro soon. Always get it now with 2.40.1 and full 4G+ and excellent connection.

  • just ignore the error message and only hit submit once, it will work fine.

  • Well, I wasted ALL my nominations, trying to re-submit, restarting app etc.. No Mail. Nothing in Wayfarer. Seen som Pogo folks refer to this as "Error 64" and apparently Niantic says "deal with it for the next 13 days".

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