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Request: Add more ways to organize keys

I would like to see some more options for organizing or sorting keys. Being able to tag them into different categories would be a great way to allow faster selection. I have a couple dozen portals I recharge daily and scrolling through the whole list of keys is fairly time consuming. Being able to tag and sort these as “favorites” would be great.

What other ideas do people have for improving the organization / sorting of keys?


  • HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    I had this same ideia, but mainly for tagging favorites to receiving notifications only for then and not all portals I own.

    Shorting keys is nice too. But for now I use capsules for that, to bad they're all stored and can't be used this way. This tagging could be lot easier when makind links and field, if selected to show only Tagged.

  • SvardodSvardod ✭✭✭

    I had also seen someone suggest a filter for keys based on compass directions from your current location (north, south, east, west). That might be useful too especially if it could be dialed in more specifically to the direction you want.

  • I like the idea of tags. You could create whatever tags you want like Home, Work, Farm1, Op1, Guardians etc. and there could be a filter button somewhere on the key interface that when pressed would expand a list of your filters with checkboxes. You could then tick one (or multiple) to just show these keys to allow easier linking/recharging/capsule management.

  • HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭

    Since prime draw the line before doing the link that's not necessary and pretty sure hard to programming.

    Also, if you have the key you must know where it is.

  • I made a feature request just like this a while ago in the Prime Beta Feedback subreddit. :) Please go upvote it if you like it!

    Here's the text of the post for those who don't like clicking links. :)

    Requesting support for user-defined tags for portal keys. Allow the user to define a text tag having some max length constraint (12 characters? 16?) and attach multiple tags to a given portal key. Each user would be able to define up to n (12? 16?) tags for their own use. I can imagine having a "recharge" tag along with things like "islands", "mountains", "lighthouses", "hiking", "zc", "for AgentX", "playbox", "cityName", "secretOp", etc. This would make it much easier to organize our keys, especially since each key could carry multiple tags (as opposed to the capsule approach, wherein a single key can only be placed in one capsule). The tags would be private / scoped to just the agent who created them. Meaning that if I have tagged a key with "recharge", and I give that key to another agent, the receiving agent will not see my tag on it when he/she receives the key. Of course, if I tag a key for portalY, then all keys in my inventory for portalY will carry that tag. If possible, the tags placed on a given portal's keys would persist even if the last key for that portal is used / dropped / recycled. Then, next time a key for that portal is acquired, the tags that were previously set on it would still / once again be set on that key. While I'm asking for things, I'd also love the ability to apply a given tag to all keys in a given capsule, useful when someone just gave me a capsule of secretOp or playbox keys for example.

    The tags set on a given portal key would be visible from the portal keys inventory view, superimposed on the portal image. This "display portal key tags in inventory" feature could be a user preference, as some may want to tag their portals keys but then still want to see the portal images without any superimposed text.

    The second part of this "tags" proposal is a useful UI for sorting keys based on the tags. The user would be able to filter their key inventory based on the presence or absence of one or more tags. A "tags" button on the portal keys view would bring up a new view showing all defined tags along with a count of how many portals carry each tag, allowing the user to toggle a checkbox for each one as ⊞ (include), ⊟ (exclude), or ▢ (don't care), as well as a "hide untagged portals" selector. This would allow the user to scroll through, for example, all keys tagged as "recharge" and "hiking" first, then check on keys that are "recharge" but not "hiking" as a second priority. This key filtering mechanism would also be available in the capsule loading screen to make it easier to hand off keys tagged as "for AgentZ" to AgentZ, or to capsule all keys that are not tagged as "playbox", etc. The "tags" view would also have a "manage" button which would lead to another view where the user can create / edit / remove their tags.

    Agents who are not interested in using tags for their portal keys can simply ignore the feature.

  • @batteryAClD love it. I can't upvote, it's 6 months old. You can't upvote old content but I'm not sure what the cut off is?

  • Aww bummer... Well thanks for trying! At least it's logged in the spreadsheet in case that's worth anything someday. 😉

  • MicksterMickster ✭✭✭

    Now that we can re-name capsules and Key Lockers , I have renamed my lockers to to specific areas and for specific reasons. Such as , I have one capsule for the area I most often field. I have another for "Memento" Keys from Portals that I have visited that bring back good memories.

  • HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭

    @batteryAClD I believe it's overcomplicate. A simple one mark would be enough for me. For more organization we already have capsules and keylockers.

    I want this, but with keys:

  • Yeah, there's a separate request for a simple binary "favorite" tag (i.e., a star like in PoGo). I find that lacking, but it's certainly better than nothing. :)

  • DeoreDXDeoreDX ✭✭✭

    Heck just a filter to filter out the portals by faction would be a giant improvement.

  • I think it would be great if keys could also be sorted by quantity. It would be particularly useful for those, like me, that started playing recently and often recycle repeated keys for more XM when recharging portals, to level up the recharging medal per instance.

  • PerringaidenPerringaiden ✭✭✭✭✭

    Marking favorites would be good. Though I keep a key capsule that is purely single keys that I want to maintain recharge on, so all I do is pull out any key that isn't full and charge it.

    Regarding sorting by other details such as:

    • Faction
    • Energy
    • Level
    • Owner

    This information is loaded on the fly ad you scroll past keys. Therefore you can't sort by it because you don't have the information until you scrolled. They would need to change the system so that all keys are pre-loaded and then maintain status during the session, which would add more to the data load.

  • 1kohm1kohm ✭✭

    I'd love to have keys be able to be reverse sorted. So... Z to A and or Farthest to Nearest, etc. You can do this in Poke with the Mon's -- why not Ingress?

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