[Known Issue] Approved Wayspots not going live



  • @NianticCasey I am still waiting for the answer to this question and until I get an answer I will still continue without making reviews in wayfarer. It is important to me, thank you.

  • I guys, I hope i'm at the right spot here to post this.

    I had a nomination that was stuck in the queue since november last year. I finally got it a upgrade, and it got in voting the same day.

    The next day it just disappeared. No confirmation mail, nothing. It's just not there anymore in my proposals.... Niantic did not answer me on twitter... do you have any idea?

    Thanks and gg

  • Seems to be a bigger issue, ever since the messed with them the voting process take triple the time and everything I upgrade is denied

  • I placed an order, I received an email saying it was accepted but it does not appear in the game. Help me please

  • such a situation can be for 2 reasons: the first is that it is because of this "known issue", the second is that it is because the petition that was approved is less than 20 meters away from another portal, in which case it will not appear in the game since between portal and portal there must be a minimum of 20 meters apart. I hope I have been of help to you

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