One submit two emails

I recently made a submit once I got the confirmation email it came through with two of the same one and on wayfarer ( had to withdraw one of wayfarer )

One submit used two of my available submits of Ingress.

Please help.


  • Did it show some sort of error when submitting? I have had something similar happen - i was submitting and:

    • an error occurred on submission confirmation and it stayed at same window;
    • (not leaving the submission confirmation window)i submitted again thinking it had not worked the 1st time - no error this time
    • after a few minutes i got 2 emails

    The errors when submitting are being shown even if the submissions go through - i checked in the next 3 submissions i did (2 of those also had errors but went through even with the error).

    After an error occurs when submitting, just make sure to check if your remaining submissions went down - if they did it's a sign it went through.

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