Pokemon GO Exclusive Niantic Wayfarer Event in South Korea

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The Niantic Wayfarer test event will be held exclusively in Korea.

Participate in the Niantic Wayfarer event on behalf of the area and collaborate with other trainers in the area to get a limited time field research!

Event Schedule - February 19 (Wed) 02:00:01 to March 9 (Mon) 23:59:59

Event content

  1. You can reset your Niantic Wayfarer home location at the start of the event, or select a representative area to participate in the event through your current home location.
    1. After the event, we will give you the opportunity to change your hometown again.
    2. Set or reset your hometown. ① After logging in to Wayfarer, click Settings from the menu on the left. ② Click the pen icon next to your hometown location, search for the area you want to set as your hometown location, select the exact location on the map that appears, and press Save.

  1. The regions including the representative regions of the event are as follows.
    1. Seoul area (representative area): The whole of Seoul Special City (including area)
    2. Gyeonggi-do area (representative area): The entire Gyeonggi-do area (including the Incheon Metropolitan City)
    3. Gangwon-do area (representative area): Overall Gangwon-do (including area)
    4. Chungcheongnam-do area (representative area): The whole Chungcheongnam-do (including the area) including Daejeon Metropolitan City and Sejong Special Self-governing City
    5. Chungcheongbuk-do area (representative area): The whole Chungcheongbuk-do (including area)
    6. Jeollabuk-do area (representative area): Jeollabuk-do area (including area)
    7. Jeollanam-do area (representative area): Jeollanam-do area including Gwangju Metropolitan City and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (including area)
    8. Gyeongsangbuk-do area (representative area): The entire Gyeongsangbuk-do area (including the Daegu Metropolitan City)
    9. Gyeongsangnam-do area (representative area): The entire Gyeongsangnam-do area (including the Busan Metropolitan City and Ulsan Metropolitan City)
    10. Acquisition of one consent point: When the rejected candidate under review is finally rejected ① Please note that during the event, the consent points of the trainer who changed his home position to a domestic or foreign area will be invalid and will not be reflected in the points of the representative area.
  2. Judge portal candidate
  3. During the event, consent points will be awarded based on each trainer's Niantic Wayfarer activity (below), and the consent points earned by each trainer will be the points of the representative area registered by each trainer.
    1. Earn one consent point: When the approved candidate under review is finally approved
    2. approve the candidate under review ① After logging in to Wayfarer, press "Examine" from the menu on the left. ② Refer to the information of each item displayed and press the score of the item you are thinking. ③ Click the points for all items and click [Send] to check the pop-up "Judgment results are recorded".
    3. Reject approval of candidate under review ① After logging in to Wayfarer, press "Examine" from the menu on the left. ② If it is judged that it is inappropriate to generate wayspot candidates under consideration, click on one item in the "Does this candidate need Wayspot?" Make your selection and click Submit. ③ In the case of some reasons for denial of approval, be sure to leave a comment on the decision.

  1. During the event period, final points reflecting the population of the representative area corresponding to the consent points earned by each representative area are aggregated, and field research is performed for a limited time in the area of ​​the representative who has the highest final point There will be an event that can be put into.

Event schedules that will allow you to get field research for a limited time will be announced at a later date.

Limited-time field research is available to anyone via some pocket stops in the representative area that scored the highest final points.

Niantic Wayfarer is only available for "PokémonGO" level 40 trainers.

This event is held only in South Korea, and the progress of other countries is undecided.

When playing "PokémonGO", please pay attention to your surroundings and keep your manners.


  • GearGliderGearGlider ✭✭✭✭✭

    Gonna put my thoughts in a separate post from the translations so the original post can be just informative.

    Loving that there are now Wayfarer events. Hoping we can bring them stateside and maybe not focused exclusively on certain areas. Kinda sad it's game dependent cause I would have loved a OPR event medal of some kind. Maybe repurpose the OPR LIVE badge to be something related to this.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    I would love bringing back some sort of realistically achievable version of SEER. Love the badges and am proud of being one of the only local Agents with onix Recon - almost made it before PoGO Wayfarer, too!

  • A contest between regions is indeed an effective way to boost reviewing. I like.

    The only flaw is that some regions are smaller than others or the amount of people living there varies. Like, if the contest would be between germanys 16 states, the winner would be NRW or Bavaria, while Saarland would have no chance at all. When it comes to towns, Berlin would win. So dunno how this is gonna be balanced. Make groups so the numbers are as equal as possible?

  • I would not be motivated by field research availability to do any additional reviewing. I do however like this approach better than the payments of pokecoins or other in game items direct to reviewers. If the reviewers are getting nominations from the entire country to review then you may want to emphasize that rejecting the outside areas doesn't help them win this field research prize.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think this is a very fun idea. I can't wait to see what the field research contains to see if this is a viable fun event for other regions. I could easily see them doing this on a larger scale but split the competition between smaller areas.

  • McReesingtonMcReesington ✭✭
    edited February 2020

    I seem to be one of the only people around here doing Wayfarer and think pogo could use some benefit to get people doing it.

    But this is an actively unappealing approach, all or nothing success or failure for unfair reasons outside of player control, and actively makes Wayfarer less appealing to me just in general due to association with this negative fear-based component.

    Whatever in-game reward exists should be personal and available to all who participate. The scale of the outcome could be tied to performance, e.g. Number of encounters with a Wayfarer-exclusive pokemon (or almost so, there are people who can't access it due to ingress bans or whatever and other options should exist).

    Any design where one has to weigh up the high likelihood of complete exclusion makes me want to play less, even something I was doing voluntarily before. Same reason I barely look at raids now, too much of it is judging how likely I am to be completely disappointed about failure to even start, instead of just not doing as well as is possible. Imagine if to play Minecraft or Mario or Pokemon on the Gameboy, you first had to flip a coin to even find out if you can open it, it's a total buzz ****. Before Niantic thinks well we had regional competition in Ingress - Ingress is dead. Almost anybody new who started in the last few years only did to achieve things in pokemon, which is all about accessibility, or was, they seem to going out of their way to make the experience negative about completely missing out on things, instead of just scaling.

    Too much fear and exclusion for factors outside of players' control creates only negative feelings, even something done just for the sake of it before. Similar but different was Ralts community day, I couldn't make it and then there was no way to chase a shiny Ralts, they were easily obtainable for 3 hours for reasons outside of player control and then there's no way to play the game chasing content I wanted, it's all or nothing handed to you or excluded with no middle ground with Niantic, it's positive until it isn't due to complete exclusion and no options and then that bites hard. Not a good design approach. If somebody wants to access the plethora of content in Minecraft it's not gated to 3 hours then never, the game endures as a multi billion dollar decade long franchise with no microtransactions or sequels because players can just play the game and chase what they want and get that, not roll a chance at getting access to the end dimension based on how players in their area do or being locked out from whatever they played for. Some of it takes **** but it is available if players want to go down that path, people aren't just locked out from parts of the game for things outside their control. Stop designing like Ingress, Ingress died and the only life support it got was from a franchise which designed around accessibility for everybody, even if it's not fast and requires ****.

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