13 Archetypes: Trickster



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    Are there multiple, because I have only one - which feels wrong.

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    "Ch" is definitely an alphabetical character in Czech.

    You can also use the System Tools > Character Map on PC for all five diacritics in this challenge.

  • I am on the very last step and the fact that you have to switch the ch is rather annoying I could definitely be going down a rabbit hole but I think I am on the right track

  • I dont understand where I would see 13 ar though

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    Now that i have solved it, i was able to go back and figure out a better way to find the information needed for step one, and ive hand run everything else so i really understand the solution to this puzzle, but for the life of me, i can not figure out the logic of the very last step. Was there a clue i overlooked? If someone KNOWS the reason for the very last step before submit, hit me up on telegram and explain it to me. I wonder if this was something done in the past that we assumed knowledge of, or if its something that could be encountered again in the future. once i got this far, the solution seemed obviously, but i still dont really know how this step relates to the theme ;/

  • As usual, all the hints and subtle (and not so subtle) hints make complete sense when it all comes together! Thanks to @elRi0 and @guardLK for some direct help near the end. Definitely used several tools in ways that weren't obvious to put it together. Definely a lot other hints by many others in the forum along the way.

    Glad to get this one done...

  • Seems random, but yes, in a way it fits the theme and the way part of it is solved.

  • I too just got it, with the hints provided by this thread. Now to go back and try my hand at previous challenges.

  • Finally got it. The last step is the hardest there is nothing really pointing toward the last couple steps just guess and check til it is solved. Good luck everyone this weeks puzzle was difficult!

  • Ok... Having solved every challenge thus far, this one is by far my least favorite. There is no way for anyone to know that they are on the right track because it doesn't have checkpoints. There is no way for anyone to have known that sometimes you need to take the artist out of the painting. Their initials are not needed on every work.

    There is no way for people to know that they are on the right track unless they know the suffix made clear in previous puzzles. There are too many titles on the works that ultimately resulted in brute forcing the letter of the alphabet into the decoder to find one that worked.

    I'm not sure if I missed a hint somewhere but I did not find any indication of what the correct prefix is. I ultimately brute forced the passcode prefix via process of elimination. Luckily there were enough clues in the picture to tell me what I needed to change, and narrowed the options down to 7 different options.

    As someone who is well versed in music, and was irritated at the solution on the Listener solution, at least there was a certain logic in that from start to finish. This just seemed.... like a last minute deadline puzzle; haphazardly put together.

  • Hmm. In order to get 'ar' at the end I have to fiddle with the key and replace one of the letters with one that definitely does not match the painting, title or brand name.

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    Yes it's an hour after the challenge was posted, not only a couple of minutes. Still, two solvers at almost exactly the hour and then none for over 8 hours after that? Still mightily suspicious. It takes away somewhat from the 'relative solve time' aspect of this. For most of us I suspect this isn't one of our 8 fastest solves and so won't affect the scoreboard much; but if 04:42 had been the first real solve that would have made quite a bit more difference.

  • This website has the paintings with titles or brand names that form the key to decode the sequence. There is one painting with several titles, of which the one that matches the others, works.

  • I agree this one was frustrating. Page 4 had a comment which identified the suffix.

  • Is there someone I can contact to see if I have the right Key/7 names correct?

  • By far, this is the most frustating challenge and my least favorite. I already got 19 decoded letters for about 12 hours, but I don't know what is missing in my passcode (or what is excess).. I alrady know which letter become number and '13ar', but looking for the keyword is such a hassle. Using a "scramble word finder" helps me to pinpoint the possible keywords

  • Done! Thanks everyone for the hints.

  • Thanks, I was using a wrong method to get the numbers and your hint helped me realise that it was my prefix and not the keyword that was wrong. (Though I initially didn't actually understand what your hint meant and just brute-forced the numbers instead.)

  • I thought no other challenge will beat the Listener's title in worst challenge design.

    That is, until the Trickster came.

    Nevertheless, thank you for taking your free time out to design this. Much much room for improvement, on the challenge design. =/

  • This is a good reminder of common courtesy. :) Notwithstanding my own complaints above, I'd also like to thank the author: the thread has a fair amount of criticism but the puzzle also had lots of nice elements and it likely took quite a bit of unrewarded time to produce.

    I think a lot of the frustration stems from the way the whole decoding challenge series is set up: it basically forces players to free up predefined slots of time (and I like the way it rolls around the day as a compromise) or finish with a bad rank. But this way, any deficiencies in puzzle design can seem harmful to players. On the other hand, it's hard to design alternatives without making things a lot more complicated for the organizers (for instance, by preparing more puzzles and ranking players by solved count) and/or by making cooperation between players undesirable. It is what it is.

  • Still stuck where I was over 24 hours ago.

  • That hurt my head and made me neglect things in my life i shouldn't neglect.

  • Can someone please confirm that the number of characters that make up the titles of the 7 art pieces equals 69?

  • This is hard to count as titles vary (works like this are often not named by the author). Additionally, you only need the title for just one of the posters, for others, it's easier to take letters straight from the poster. You might find one of the other six missing any relevant text, you need to find another version of that one.

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    There are 2 pieces with the text removed. I have found the alternate versions for both. They are the only 2 that have multiple titles I think.

    Seeing as everything I've tried so far has resulted in failure. I thought checking to see if I had the correct names would be the first step from here...

    1. 3words 2places

    2. Choice of what it is or what it was made for.

    3. 3words. Middle can be substituted.

    4.short word

    5.choice of name or compound english word or foreign word meaning similar.

    6. Brand name. One word and symbol.

    7.tiltle and name in english or other language.

    Sorry for being dumb but I haven't understood any of the clues (for this part) thus far.

    The guess seems like another dead end...

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  • Every pice of the key is relevant, it shouldn't be possible to "guess" sth.

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