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    Not yet, I am thinking I have something basic wrong and need to go back to double check. I manually adjusted the key to give me ar at the end and the letter I was using was nothing remotely close to the painting name, that or i'm using a bad cypher.

    Edit: Turns out I have been missing a letter from my alphabet for 2 days... As soon as I changed it my (first) key made sense and so did the whole puzzle...

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    At this stage with all the clues, it makes sense that user error is the last thing left. ☺

  • @F9b Yes, I had the 19, the reason for the red letters and the 7 paintings all within the first day but never realized I missed a letter when creating my alphabet until the comment on the previous page about missing a letter. Even then I would have known I was close but not been able to solve without some of the comments on here about removing parts and it not being a "known" keyword.

  • Why, oh why did I overthink this one... :D

  • I get a lot of hints, but I don't know the relevance.

    All I have is 19 character of Czech and maybe the title of seven paintings and the name of the author.

    Known hints

    1) get 7 character key from 7 paintings

    2) decode 19 characters with 7 character key

    3) different colors are not alphabets in passcode

    4) Turn it over

    5) remove some of the author's name at some stage


    i) A means to get a 7 letter key from 7 paintings (first letter or how to convert)

    ii) Decoding type (I want a hint that is not "find from page 4")

    iii) How to get the correct painting name

    Someone help me

  • @sairix one of your known hints is in the wrong place. The cipher and the printer have a common language. The method for the key is probably the FIRST thing you thought to do.

    For getting the art names read DrHydrosaur's post on page 6. That made me realse I had one of the paintings wrong. Number 5's name needs to come from the actual painting. Number 2 needs to be the English title.

  • i. What's the easiest way to do it?

    ii. Once you get the 7 letters key, you only need to decode it with a method that already used in one of the challenges before this.. But remember we are looking at czech words for both the 19 letters words and the 7 letters key.

    iii. A very kind agents @0X00FF00 already gives a big hint for the painting title on page 6.. you can check what you think of the title and the hint.. it clearly helps.

  • same here. I have 19 characters from picture, 7 characters keyword. But i dont know, how on earth, everybody can finnished this.

    I tried with decoder (almost) everything, looks like no logical solution:

    write a ciphertext with and without different collored characters

    write in backwards

    use 26 and 42 char alphabet, in alphabetical order and qwerty (donť know why is several time mentioned keyboard)

    if i forced AR to be in the end, 7 letter char keyword doesn't match.

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    Technically at that point I was still being stymied from that additional obfuscation step that this puzzle inserted, that none of the previous puzzles required, and that presumably no future puzzle will require either. I did have the correct names for all the circles by that point, but not necessarily yet the right word selected for each yet.

  • No I am still trying to decode it. After seeing I was missing a letter I went back to try again with my first instinct of a key from the paintings titles and still came up with nothing. I tried brute force to get 13ar and can’t see how the rest will give my the two I need to drop and a keyword. I also know what the different color characters mean and I also got the order for the decode thanks to the missy Elliot comment. I also got that the keyword doesn’t start right after the number

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    If you are decoding with an online decoder, don't forget to replace ch with a symbol so it doesn't read as c and h.

    If you are doing it manually make sure you shift left and not right. Also reread how to use the table and make sure you start with the key character and not the cipher character.

  • I liked this puzzle. It was fun to stretch myself with a different alphabet. Prague and Mucha are lovely. Although I think the word in the final solution should have been been "HotelParis" (because its not Google intuitive, but it totally makes sense once you know it) or at least a word in the language of the alphabet.

  • @tkh7 yes, my son redeemed the code with his account. I don't really play the game any more. However, these challenges are awesome! Thanks for the follow-up.

  • I was able to get the media with the help of many people.

    Thank you very much.

    I only knew the most commonly used decoding tools.

    Mucha's work is not good for such a cipher.

    I tend to lose time in decoding because it's so beautiful and attractive that I see it.

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    Thanks for asking, no not yet. I am stumped two ways I think, I have no idea if I have the intended names for the artwork, or if I have the correct order for them. Problem two is that everyone seems to be totally clear on what type of cipher to use so no hints given - I have been spending hours trying out every single one I can find on a plethora of sites that takes a key, nothing makes sense. What table? I think I myst have passed trough it with the wrong key. Should I be using the two first letters in number 5 since so many mention that specific unusual letter?(The letter made of two letters, since the correct name seems to be the one beginning with those two letters.) Is letter 1 and 3 identical? Remember previous challenges they say, I can't remember specific tools from anything beyond the week I am in, who remembers all that? Come sunday I think I will ask Nineberry If I have not found this thing out.

    I actually feel like crying, I feel like this one has broken me. This week I found out 0% by my self, and had to 100% follow clues around to no logical places.

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    One popular French site, its version of the cipher is incompatible with the alphabet. Seek another.

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    You may be looking at the whole thing backwards. Sleep on it a bit and try later.

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    @RiktigFeil the 5th painting does not start with ch, there is a letter in front of it. The key is in the correct order already, don't reorder the paintings. Yes the 1st and 3rd letter is the same.

    This might help...


    Paired with this...


  • This challenge was very frustrating. The tips in this thread were very helpful, but it just wasn't enjoyable searching the web to find which exact posters matched the clues. I never figured out the correct name of the fifth poster, but fortunately it was possible to guess what I needed. Also, I wasn't careful enough figuring out the letters in step 1, so the last step was agonizing since I got some of the elements of the passcode but couldn't make more progress until I retraced my steps. Anyone who is stuck, try starting from scratch!

    This is the only challenge that has left me glad that I was done with it rather than satisfied having done it.

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    I had the wrong painting for the 7th picture... once I tried each letter... I could see the keyword (if the other obfuscation was removed)

    I did find the right picture... 5 points vs 6 points on stars.

    I was also using an incorrect list for decoding... once I found a correctly written one, good to go :-)

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    you need to find the correct decoding method. if you have the wrong one, you will get nowhere. if you have the correct one, you might get smalls errors (if you made an error with the key). once you have the correct method, some online tools will work but some cannot handle an alphabet larger than the usual 26 characters. if your tool does not work, try a different online tool. @IANVS

    are you sure you have the correct key? my key was incorrect at the second letter whereas most people had the second letter correct but struggled with the fifth or so. once you have the correct key, you need to find the correct decoding method and have the correct alphabet. @Klingew

    the cipher is often listed whenever i googled things for these challenges. the table is only relevant if you are manually decoding, rather than using a tool. Ch is more of a stumbling block in this challenge and not actually part of the decode. don't give up, it's a very tricky challenge, but you can do it! @RiktigFeil

  • Thank you thank you thank you. Finally I got the expected Alphonse and the expected code for 13. Sunday evening. Looking forward to next one.

    And also thank you to all others who have been supportive, would not have finished without this community.

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  • I'm Enlightened

  • ENL

  • Even for some knowledgable people even with experience ... expired passcode's are on the track going nowhere. Requires an amount of sense.

    Where do i start and where do i end?

    I did not end anywhere as for this part.... getting finitious amount of "passcode". You are not User-friendly. You know what the problem is. You got a player-base that started in the time these passcode's were obvious.... they have a guideline. A thing to start.... all these passcode's have been expired by now and there is no probable reference. Hank Johnson will face the electric chair for this.

    New potential ... could obviously spire from here to nowhere with regard to "that" and "this" and end up wrecking havoc on unintellegable messages.

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