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I achieved level 40 today in Pokémon go around noon and still can’t review anything on the website. I tried logging in on multiple devices and passed the test but still get the same screen. I know Stuff is available to review since I haven’t even reviewed once and a local discord channel has things that are live that need reviewed. My trainer name is ChampReady in the game.



  • Try setting at least a home location to see if that helps. Ingress used location of play in OPR days, but I've had PoGo players here getting that same issue at times till they set one.

  • Home location though scares me because it’s one and done forever. I’d be more willing to set a bonus location since that can change after a year.

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    Strange they aren't at least getting generally upgraded nominations or rural candidates.

    @ChampAlready if you have an Ingress account linked to the same email, try doing something in that. Deploying at a neutral portal would probably be easiest and would guarantee comms activity.

    Just remember not to set your home location if you currently live in that region.

  • Similar thing happened to me when I started reviewing, although I did get two or three before it reported no more available. I set my bonus location to a city in another state that I visit a couple of times a year, and started getting nominations to review, although mostly from where I reside and play now. Maybe once a week or so I'll get something to review from the bonus location.

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    I’ve made couple nominations today and still get nothing to review.

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  • Now I’m getting reviews to critique. Seems that doing a few nominations not just one triggered the reviews to come in.

  • Well, now after the last comment on this thread. I’m back to the same screen. Hardly see this being normal to only be shown so few things to review nomination & edit wise.

  • I’ve set my hometown and bonus locations but haven’t seen a single edit or nomination in my immediate location.

  • Still true and without any edits anywhere plus I have the no nominations available to review at this time. Makes it hard for me to up my way finder rating and improve my agreements when I’m not given things to review.

  • My first nomination which is in my immediate area got approved and yet I still get the same message. It’s going to be impossible for me to help out area when I get nothing to review and can’t improve my rating or earn agreements when I’m being limited.

  • Something is definitely broken either in my area or with my account.

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