The smallest HCF in the world, 1st in Poland

On 15/02/2020 10:09 (and a few seconds) Agent Piglet established the last outgoing link from peak portal to complete the first Homogenoeous Control Field Level 6 in Poland and the smallest in the world.

But first things first.

October 29th, 2019

On this day I tried to make beta plan of HCF6 on my favourite Field Art place, but after several attempts I was still missing several portals in right place. These were just imaginations and I didn't took it seriously. But in the evening I asked Agent @Piglet what does he think about the idea of the first HCF6 in Poland, and he instantly repiled:

@Piglet already created solo HCF5 on Main Square in Kraków (Check this one!, so he was the firs who I asked for help. He also writted his own script finding HCF of any grade in certain area, so on the next day we had several plans to choose beetwen. In the end we decided to go with this: 

If you look closely, you cand find a difference between this plan, and final form, that's because much later after hacking walk I found out that one portal isn't accessable, and we modified the plan. Unlucky, we had to change anchor portal, where I already had all kays needed :/

November 4th, 2019

On this day CZRES made their another HCF6, and this motivated as to move forward. The naxt day we started hacking keys to anchors.

January 8th, 2020

 At this point we started thinking on the date of our operation. At best six-related ;) June 6th? Too much waiting, So let's find something interesting that happened 6 years ago! Well... early months of 2014 were sooooo boring :D Okay, so we went for easy ones and picked between March 7th (as this in 66th day of the Year) and Februery 29th (hey, for another Feb 29 we will be waiting for 4 years!), and since March 7th will be First Saturday, and basically Kraków hosts FS each month so that we were affraid of increased activity of tourists, we picked February 29th, since a few Agents will leave Kraków to participate in Hexathlon in Bratislava. Hacking in progress ofc!

January 11th, 2020

We just got encouraged to participate in Hexathlon in Brtislava, we're back to March 7th :P The plan was to start as early in the morning as possible, when everybody is still sleeping.

January 28th, 2020

I pointed out that inaccessable portal, and plan was recreated to it's final form. What is more I recruited another Agents to help us with OP - @LysyWonsz and @Tuptam, and suggested changing date so we can show off in Bratislava :D (we're koxbombs, aret we? :P) We chose February 15th (15/02/2020) because 1+5=6 and 0+2+2+0+2+0=6 :)

Februry 6th, 2020

Niantic announces Didact Field Challenge. You may think making HCF6 during event featuring creating fields is great, but in fact it isn't. Many players come back to the game just to hit event medal, and our linking area is also one of the most popular spots to play during such an event. I came up with idea of covering the area with several fields to prevent it from random links, and discourage other players to play there

February 9th, 2020

@LysyWonsz sadly resigns from participating due to work :( Maybe next time! (oh, surely, there will be the next time ;P )

February 12th, 2020

I invited our Intel Operator - @Japex - to cooperation

February 14th, 2020

Last key farming walk, but some keys are still missing. Finally I was able to put linking area under fileds. 

February 15th, 2020, day zero

7:20 - meet up with key splittig and briefing. 

7:50 - we split and walk on our starting points

8:04 - @Tuptam throws first Jarvis, OPERATION BEGINS

8:06 - another Jarvis uncovers first few linkabilities, @Ibiquer links the baseline, seconds after @Piglet creates the first field, 343 left to go :)

8:15 - @Tuptam struggles to take off next blocking portal due to localisation drifts. @Piglet is stucked as he has nothing to link left and runs to help him

8:21 - @Tuptam finally manages to take off portal and @Piglet is back in game, @Ibiquer starst linking on the left side

9:15 - HCF5 and the left side are completed. @Piglet and @Ibiquer start linking the right side,

9:58 - all links done. Only linkstar from peak portal remains. We let @Tuptam create all the links. Carefully following linkorder he manages to link all the links correctly.

10:01 - when all is set up @Tuptam sends cascade of links (oredr of last 16 links doesn't matter) and we start to celebrate!

10:02 - but should we? @Japex says there's few fields missing. Did we messed linkorder up? 

10:05 - @Japex says there're 31 outgoing links, whereas there should be 33. Pionted 2 remaining portals where we should link to. @Tuptam checks his keys, but he has keys to mentioned portals, and there's no linkability. @Piglet suggested @Tuptam drops keys for him to try to link...

10:09 - ...and luckily he creates both links to finish the first L6 HCF in Poland!

10:something - we are taking screenshots, sharing them with our communities and talking, when suddenly stranger with two smartphones comes to us asking if are there ane quests fo Blissey :D As you may figured out this place is popular not only among Ingress players, but Pokemon GO as well ;) 

As you can already see - the operation took in fact more than 2 hours. Earlier I posted (via instagram and rgnn) that it took less, because I memorised 10:01 as finish time. I'm sorry for misleading.

You can see construction timelapse here:

Bunch of stats:

Portals used: 124

Links created: 366*

Control fields created: 364*

Lingest link: 1.4km

Shortest link: 6.7m

Average link lenght: 208,4m

MU captured: no idea, we didn't care actualy, but about 1.3k MU

Covered portals (including anchors): 171

Portal efficency: 0,725

Jarvises used: 6 (4 planed for claering, 2 for corrections)

Build time: 2:05

Linkers: 2

Biker-deployer: 1

Intel Operator: 1

Method: Baseline (multi baseline)

*not counting created by mistake and virused


  • ArwethArweth ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    Hey, hey! Nice work, agents! 💪💙 Greetings from CZRES, it is a pleasure to read that we have inspired you ✌️

    (And nice juggling with numbers! 😉 )

  • Hello again, I'm sorry for presenting you sitrep full of mistakes 🙈 it was just draft, but there was probably a bug, and I cannot edit it! (I tried to, submitted several times but with no effect). For example I started linking on right side and then on left, while in sitrep says it was in different order 🙈🙈 or in the title there's "6" missing in HCF6... sorry once again!

  • ZinkyZonkZinkyZonk ✭✭✭

    Wow! Great work!!!!

  • ArwethArweth ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    This forum system is useless a bit for publishing something which will need to be edit later more then 24 hours from publishing. I am thinking about another solution to gather and keep L6+ HCF reports... :-)

    Unfortunatelly, there is not better tool for sharing reports with both factions. So probably better solution is to publish report in own blog/web and on ICF only put the link with short annotation/summary.

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