Do you expect AR or VR feature for Ingress Prime?

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On December 4th, 2017, Ingress Prime was announced at Niantic Japan Inc. press day.

At that press day, "Intel Map with VR device for Ingress Prime" feature plan was unveiled. Mr.Masashi Kawashima, VP of Asia Operations at Niantic, Inc. said VR feature is for operating with Intel Map.

Next, November 6th, 2018, Ingress Prime was officially launched. Niantic Japan Inc. had press day. At this press day, "AR Intel Map" feature plan was announced.

So, do you expect AR or VR feature for Ingress Prime? What features do you expect?

If you expect, feel free to comment. If you don't expect, press the...the like buttons.

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  • Any VR update would be fun to experiment with especially since how they managed VR in PoGo but I don't know, I'm not holding much breath for Ingress development. We shall see how it goes. :)

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    AR is very much a solution looking for a problem. Niantic have put a serious amount of time and effort into adding AR to Pokemon Go, and while it was a technical triumph that does things most developers could never have achieved, it was pretty much instantly dismissed by the player base as a clunky battery draining gimmick. Most players had a quick look at it and the turned it off permanently.

    There's a big problem with retro-fitting it to games, which is that a hell of a lot of phones can't do it. If you give users of AR advantages in gameplay, you annoy everyone who can't use it. If you don't give it any advantages (as in Pokemon Go), it's just a pretty but pointless battery drain.

    The only AR strategy that would really work given the current state of the art is launching a new game that requires AR... and because it's such a battery killer the game would need to have a gameplay style that doesn't encourage long play sessions.

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