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A nice addition to the scanner would be a "Portals Visited" option. The ability to see a listing of portals hacked and/or captured would be great. These portals displayed as a map overlay would be wonderful. Thoughts on this? What would be a function you would like to see added to your scanner?


  • A Passcode direct entry function would also be helpful.

  • Like you I would like a visual indication of caputured/visited/unvisited in the scanner, but also on the Intel map.

    Agreed with a better passcode redemption location.

    I think it would be nice to "tag" keys, so I can unload/load all keys with a certain tag. Also when you click "Manage" on the key menu to mass recycle keys, it would be nice to have the option to set a de minimis amount. E.g. I click Manage, then I can input a number, say 3. Every portal key image I click and recycle would recycle but keep 3 of each as a maxiumum (if I had 2 keys it would not recycle any). Just better key management I guess is what I'm trying to say!

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    100% agreed with already visited displaying (like the Halo of Pokemon go). It will make pioneer hunt easier and also to spot new portals in the crowd.


    1. Diary log, showing recent history of hacking outputs, as well as others things.

    2. Research tasks, a daily to do list awarding game items and AP.

    3. Favourite portals, by marking a portal as a favorite we would be able to choose to receive notifications only for them, and quick load the Portal keys under this category.

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    I think the deal with iOS is because iTunes prohibits it. IIRC, the same issue exists in the iOS version of Pokemon Go.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not iTunes. Apple. It is a platform restriction.

  • You have Apple(iX), and you have Google (android) as platform OSs, licensing software for each require leaping legal hurdles. Android platform would be improved by adding a direct to passcode entry function in place of having to scroll to the bottom of the in app store screen.

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