Ingress 2.40.1 Release Notes



  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    Can we get "insufficient XM error when XM is available" added back into the known bugs category please? This was marked fixed in thiss release but it's just as common as before.

  • @Rostwold while I was an active agent this used to BUG me all the time when i fell just slightly under 1000XM and I can't use any XM under this amount so i agree with you there on that point...however I just figured I was trying to charge a resonator that needed more than 1000xm to recharge because of the distance away from the stated resonator...yet it continued to happen while I was standing right next to the portal also...However I slipped on the keys over to "Boost Charge" due to cold hands the one day and although I hate using this button due to the drastically low output of AP (10AP for 8 Partial Resonators charged compared to 10AP Per Full Resonator) it does serve a purpose to drop below/override the limit and go into the "scanner disabled" screen which I enjoy seeing but it then becomes tough looking for a small amount of XM to restore the scanner...but the boost charge button does have its uses as a work around.

    Looking/scanning for XM at this point could be fun if the scanner voice could give corrupted instructions towards an XM spot like "XM DETECTED To your right,left,north,west..error...error" just for humor reasons.

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