INGRESS app is using too much internet data unnecessary

There are things this app do that is not necessary AT ALL and this makes it use a lot more internet! So I am suggesting some things that may be good to do, its not hard but makes a lot difference

  1. convert portal images to small size. This would save some internet and these images would be shown as a thumbnail whenever is required
  2. Cache portal images inside the phone. Really, every time I close and open the app again, all images are downloaded again. This for sure takes a lot of internet data.
  3. Don’t download ALL portal images in Key Details Screen. Seriously, I am a recharger maniac, and every morning/afternoon I’m doing recharges its all downloaded again. If I go over 50 portals and they have 2 images each, every time I am recharging I’m downloading the same images 100 times!

Its all related to image because it is what is visible. And also, the point is, the portal images doesn’t change too much to be a requirement to download every time I re-open the app, right?

But I leave to you guys to think about the scenario of a possible portal change due to security/privacy/etc policies. In that case the image should be updated ASAP.

My internet Plan thank you all for a possible upgrade on this!


  • How much is too much? What stats do you have showing how much data Ingress is using?

    I have a 60gb plan and never get anywhere near that (maximum has been 19.78GB and most of that was non-ingress related) and I keep Ingress open all day and recharge as well.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2020

    I have 10gb data plan, and when I'm playing at streets, making missions and fields, I can use up to 500mb a day (about 3 hours).

    I don't know if inside the scanner the size of the pictures are smaller, but the oficial picture of the portal, when loaded on a browser has the exact same size of quality that was submitted. I found one with over 30mb, if that's loaded everytime is a data killer.

  • The main problem is the time taken to download the images - especially if you have to do it is a poor signal area.

    It must also add a considerable load to the servers.

  • Where I live, internet data plan for cellphones vary between 1GB to 10GB per month. So with that you can already see a problem right?

    I’m just suggesting that so people with lower data plan or ever poor internet speed can play properly.

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