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    and offcource all faction based... No way this seems a legit report with proper template, added proof, added rejections mails.

    very disappointing attempt and offcourse it will be rejected

  • I dont see how any of these waypoints interfer with emergency services whatsoever. Both Enl and Res have access to these waypoints and they all have been online for ages. Please stop with this removal nonsense.

  • Removing portals that are used against your faction.. and forgetting about those are used by your own faction. Like some other portals, this still isn't a way we should play this game. Go figure something out to avoid those links.

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    Look at that, all but 2 (which are neutral) are owned by the opposing faction. Why can't you just play the game in the scanner instead of through the report button or on the forum? These kind of anthics should have no place in this game and as others have said it's not like your own faction doesn't use similar portals. Would you gladly give those up too or will you whine about it when they dissapear?

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    Like AFCAYOUTH said, it has nothing to do which Faction is owning the portal, both can reach the portals.

    Fact is that they are on a militairy base. We'll see whats going to happen, i'm against removing portals🙂

  • In my opinion every portal that is on restricted ground for normal civilians thus only available for people who work or are cleared for that premisses should be removed. And a portal that is hard to reach (boat/plane) but on non restricted ground can be used by both factions and thus should stay. But hey thats just my 2 cents.

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    If it was a fair and complete list of portals I would agree with you. But the portals listed have been carefully selected to not include areas and locations your faction have access to, making the list faction biased.

    The list should've included the portals I listed earlier, and many others like it. Just for the fun of it I'll add another example to illustrate the point I'm making. Why isn't the following portal part of the initial list?

    • Military area, including the portals surrounding it.

    If you or any other player(s) are really interested in removing ALL portals that are on/near "fire stations, police stations, hospitals, military bases, industrial sites, power plants and air traffic control towers" that "obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services", please let me know. Maybe we can work together to create a complete and comprehensive list of portals that should be removed from this game.

    Last but not least, the ruling doesn't state that portals on military grounds are not permitted. They state that portals on military grounds AND "obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services" are not allowed. That's a clear difference.

    So I'll ask again. Can you explain for each individual portal how it "obstructs or interferes with Emergency Services"?

  • According to Krug in one of his AMAs, portals on work related areas shoud remain als long als they're legally accessible. Even if it was just one agent.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We took another look at the Portal(s) in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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