Proposal: Earning some CMU per upgrade (every 100 agreements)

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We Ingress agents have been rating portals/Wayspots candidates for many years via Operation Portal Recon [OPR] and Niantic Wayfarer now. That is, we are working for Niantic in some way (we are doing part of their job by reviewing others’ nominations, aren't we?), but we don't get a real reward for such a work.

We Ingress players do have the Recon medal, but plenty of agents (including me) lose their motivation to review portals/Wayspots once they get the coveted onyx medal, so they review far fewer candidates from that moment on. Because of the low number of revisions compared with the number of edits and nominations, the system get crowded with lots of candicates to be analysed and the "Portal review complete" mail take sometimes too long.

I think it would be something good awarding reviewers with some CMU (for example 50 every 100 agreements with a limit of 50 or 100 CMU per day, which is a rather small amount, but it would be a bit more motivating). That might also be a good way to open the possibility to get a daily amount of the virtual money (we already have that in "Pokémon Go" and "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" form the very first moment) without paying for everything all the time if we want to get something from the virtual store. That might also be a motivation for players under level 10 to play and get this level faster.

What do you think about it?


  • I do agree we should get some free CMU like the pokecoins for gym in pokemon go. But honestly do not believe it should be with Wayfarer,.

    1) Not all player has access to Wayfarer(L12 and UP).

    2) Its a desk job, not a field job.

    3) Many of us, do not review 300+ per day, righ now I am getting about one upgrade per week if I am lucky, wayfarer its too slow.

    4) That may encourage people to a quick review and probably may do bad review

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I prefer the wizards unite system: daily tasks awarding game items and a really few coins (really few, like it takes 2 weeks to be able to buy a expansion) for completing them all. Ingress could have that, with mission that don't necessarily need rival faction interaction (destroy things) to be accessible for the loners.

    We could have task like: hack x portals, capture or upgrade a portal, make a link, stablish a control field, install a mod, deploy x resonators, walk x meters, make x glyph points, etc. Daily tasks that reset every day, and are actions you naturally do while playing.

    If they give 10cmu a day it will take 3 months to be able to buy something for free in the store (the link amp bundle). I will barely change anything (over a year to get 1 tracker) but I bet a lot of players will play more. It will actually work even if they give just AP and regular random game items,but since the discussion is about xmu... 🤔😅

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