TESSERA Round 7 - Yuri Alaric Nagassa

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Truthseeker: We have several Live Drops coming in by the end of February. This Tessera will be in one of the Perpetua Hexathlon cities in the Western Hemisphere. I'm just going to leave it at that for now. Stay tuned.




Truthseekers, I asked the Tethered hand what the passphrase for this Live Drop would be, but they said it was given awhile ago. There were actually several possible messages out there, but only one of them is correct. Media released between now and then would help us filter out the most fitting option.


A message just came in from the Tethered Hand as a note of precaution for debatable situations. The winner of the Live drop will be based on which faction showed the correct passcode to the Vessel first, and not the redemption time of the code.

UPDATE: This will be a 2 point Tessera. It has been a long day of puzzle solving. Are you ready for the last one of this round? I should ask the Tethered Hand to take it easy on the intensity next time. But I guess there's no rest to saving the Universe. Thank you for all your efforts and good luck.

UPDATE: The Tethered Hand RPE-ed a key person-of-interest that has been long involved with Ingress once more. Remember, anyone, of any affiliation, could be possible.

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