Multiple invalid portals, Hatting, Denmark

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One player has somehow managed to get 3 fake portals around his house approved, and the 4th corner of his garden has a google maps photosphere with 2 paintings put in front of a telecom box. I expect that it has been submitted. The 3 are all L7 with the help of wife and 2 children. All 4 photospheres are taken by the man living in the house between them.

Location: Hatting, Denmark'27.2%22N+9%C2%B045'53.5%22E/@55.857558,9.7643188,19z/

Portal names - from north to south

Faldende Farver: Clearly a painting in a piece of cardboard/wood put in front of the telecom cable box. Invalid as it is very temporary.

Den gamle kirkesti i Hatting: A temporary sign put up. Notice, the pole is just thin metal. Sign would not survive 6 months in rain. Clearly temporary.

Vikingeudgravning - Sydlig del af landsby : Likely same pole as the one above. Not in ground, leaning into the hedge. Ground likely too hard at time of photo.

There are 4 more portals nearby (further west), all with the same temporary sign, but different text. All have photospheres taken by the same player. He is likely not L40 in PoGo, so somebody should look at who submitted the portals, helping him to cheat, and at least give that player a warning. These should also be removed.

I checked latest aerials from city ( ) and danish altitude model and diagonal photos: no signs of any of the signs. Last photos here are end June 2019, but the signs are of a type that would not last 6 months any.

We are trying to get some agents out there to get fresh photos without any of the signs being present.

Location: Hatting, Denmark'27.2%22N+9%C2%B045'53.5%22E/@55.857558,9.7643188,19z/

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    you need to follow the format for portal appeals. without the rejection mails they won't answer.

    but it looks like your claim is valid

  • We are trying to get agents out there.

    The problem is, that you need to be there (or have keys) to report the fake portals, even though it is easy to see on the images that it is fake portals. The agent is making small fields in the area only, so risk of his keys dropping further away is small.

    And in this case it is a cluster of 7 portals, and one likely in queue, that has to be removed. Seems like "organized" cheating. When it is so obvious, it should be able to do a bulk report remotely.

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