Klippel Free Library Exchange

Little free library was removed clearly on faction bias. Little free library was placed in 2019 and verified on Google maps ( not google satilite as it's too new). Free library's are automatic approvals and qualify as such per wayfayer standards. The location of the free library is safe, easily accessible, well lit at night, far enough from the roadway and nearby residence and is on the edge of a small public parking area. Furthermore, I see no such basis as to why this portal was removed. Please correct this standing and re activate the portal. Thank you.


  • Thank you I will look into this, however, I dont believe little free library's adhere to the private residential property standards as States above in my attachment. Either way, I'll see what I can find on the gis land use data. Thank you!

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    Here is the attachment showing it's a Town Zoned lot. Proof that this is a legitimately located portal.

    Town of Lyons tax maps 71114-00.

    Clearly shows the lot is separate from the surrounding private properties. Thus clarifying that this portal should be reinstated.

  • Based on the detailed information that has been provided, it is clear that this Little Free Library falls into the valid portal category. It has been shown to be on town property with sufficient distance from anything that would be considered private property. Given that it appears to be the only questionable criteria here and has been shown to falls into the approved requirements, it should be reinstated.  

  • As a rule for little libraries they must be placed in public access points. By law 10 ft from the edge of the road is for public access with out needing permission. This allows nonprofit organizations to make available these valued free libraries in places people often travel. Donating a small portion of a yard for education and literacy is an honor. If we take law knowledge into consideration and respect our neighbors there was no actual reason to remove this little library. the photos prove it is a legit designated public access point.

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    The description for this portal stated it was located on the edge of Klippel Point Park. There is no such park at this address. Someone had added Klippel Point Park to this location on google maps (possibly to ensure portal acceptance?) but it is no longer there. The following picture taken from the turn-around just a few days ago shows the location and current state of the "little free library".

    There is no sign on it stating it is a little free library. This road dead ends at a private residence that is not shown in any of the pics for the appeal. The pic attached shows how close it actually is to the residence. The box that is there is the same paint color as the house and looks like it may even be used as their mailbox.

    Clearly the photo used for the submission was a very old photo as it does not look anything like that now. If it was truly placed there in 2019 as the description states then it deteriorated very quickly...

  • As we discussed in comms it was damaged in a storm. Here let me stand it back up for you.. also the paint is not the same as the house.. here's a picture of that too..

    Mail box is at the other end of the road as well.. can provide photo proof of that too if youd like.

  • Distance from the residence at the end of the road to the library box is 45 meters. Qualifications I believe are over 40.

  • So what's the story with Klippel Point Park? It was on google maps as some park open 24 hours and even "kid friendly"... the portal description stated it was on the edge of that park, not what you are now describing.

  • Not sure what a park has to do with a free library appeal.. seems as If this was a personal attack on an anchor portal in retaliation for you losing your butler portal anchor.. if that's the case this is very childish and without any other evidence to suggest this free library is not legitimate, I strongly ask niantic and ingress to reinstate this portal.

  • If a description of a park is the issue at hand, portal could and should have been edited as a description error not a portal removal.

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    It has everything to do with the appeal. The portal was submitted based on false information (the park that doesn't exist). If the park didn't matter then why was it part of the original description?

    So the box is located 45 meters from the house. Unless the property line is 5 meters or less from the front door then this portal is not valid as it is within 40 meters of the residential property.

    Niantic states: https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/ingress/?s=portal-network&f=reporting-invalid-portals&l=en&p=web

    We will remove Portals from Ingress for a very specific and limited set of reasons:

    The Portal’s real-world location appears to be within 40 meters of private residential property.

    Based on the information you provided this is not a valid portal.

  • Its 45 meters from the property line on TOWN PROPERTY. You're welcome to check to town zoning tax map where you can clearly see the sectioned property where the library stands is town zoned not private property. The bottom line fact is that it qualifies in every category neccessary for a portal and there is zero evidence to say otherwise. The removal system was implemented for the removal of illegitimate portals. This clearly shows an abuse of that system to better fit a factions fielding instead of to be used as it should. Its shameful to take away a gaming experience for another player in any faction, especially when the evidence presented clearly shows it's a valid portal.

  • KingVoltage911 is clearly stating that the LFL is 45 meters from the end of the road, which would be where the property lines of private residence generally begin. Why are you trying to imply that it is being measured from the front door? It really seems like you are grasping at straws to justify your opinion. If you can't support your side based on facts then maybe you should consider what that says about your case. Can you provide any evidence to counter what has been provided by KingVoltage911? 

  • The 45m rule is mute. Otherwise in the 5 counties I play 75% of POI are void because people live to close to the POI. Little libraries are established by nonfor profit organizations(churches, rotary, lions, friend of libraries, ect) they are built, maintained and filled by volunteers in mostly residential areas on public designated space within the easement and encroachment precident of the law. A text error should not void a valid POI. If that little library is not a little library but storage for dog poop bags then the complaint would be valid. But its not. there are clearly books in that box and it is clearly labeled little library.

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    Wayne County Real Property Assessment Info https://web.co.wayne.ny.us/index.php/wayne-county-real-property-tax-service/real-property-assessment-data/

    The Real Property Map Section No 71114 (https://web.co.wayne.ny.us/wp-content/uploads/Real%20Property/Tax%20Maps/Lyons/LYONS%2071114-00.pdf) does not have a Tax Map ID# for the location referenced above as "Town Zoned Property/Lot."

    I'd love to see a current Google 360 photograph of the Klippel Free Library Exchange.

  • Funny never realized a snowplow / school bus turn around, maintained by the town, plowed by the town, mowed by the town in the summer... could be considered private land. That is pretty strange dont ya think?

  • I would like a second unbiased opinion on this on simple grounds that I have not seen evidence ruling of toranacs conclusion of his supposed knowledge of town zoning laws. The only thing I know is that he is part of the group vying to have the portal removed. A second unbiased opinion by a representative of neither factions might suffice this argument.

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    The little free libraries have a website and map along with all the information for PRIVATE individuals to place one in their yards for public use. https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/ not all.are registered but at least this assists with the public private debate.

  • Appeal Denied- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal.

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