PORTAL REMOVAL APPEAL: A removed portal - memorial stone, sports-recreational center

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Hello Ingress community,

I'm writing this as I'm disappointed with how Niantic reacted to someone's report of my recent portal submission.

I submitted "ŠRC Ante Bužančić" memorial stone - a memorial stone dedicated to the last fallen soldier of our recent civil war which the nearby sports-recreational center got named after. It is also a sign how the fields with sports terrain belong to a newly opened sports-recreational center. It is safe, pedestrian access is there, it has underpass stairs which makes way to it even safer, it is publicly accessible and used by everyone. (SRC stands for "Sports-Recreaional Center")

The submission was approved and the portal went live. One day it got removed. 

I assume it is because someone reported it with an excuse how the sports-recreational center is school's playground but actually IT IS NOT. It is a separate thing. The school's playground is located behind the school while sports-recreational center "Ante Bužančić" is on the other side and is separated from the school with the wall and the fence (I know what I am talking about because I live across the street and I attended this school when I was young).

The sports-recreational center "Ante Bužančić" consists of a football field, a basketball field, a bowling playground and a playground for kids. I submited those 4 (still in voting) + the memorial stone. My friend submited its bowling playground and it got rejected - one of the reasons was "abuse" (???) so now it got resubmited (in voting).

Those 4 portals have already existed on intel map for over a year until someone reported them and Niantic removed them.

(Translation: SRC Ante Buzancic, Children's playground, Basketball playground, Football playground, Bowling playground)

Here's a video where I personally explain the sports-recreational center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IawiknfLVMU

The sports-recreational center I am talking about was opened last year (Oct 19th 2019) with the presence of the country representatives (president, regional mayor, city mayor,...) and there were articles about it in THE NEWSPAPERS and on TV. Take a look: https://www.dalmacijadanas.hr/na-ravnim-njivama-otvoreni-sportsko-rekreacijski-centar-i-spomen-obiljezje-u-cast-anti-buzancicu The article is on Croatian language (my mother tongue) so I kindly ask you to use Google site translate.

Two days ago I even asked a man who lives near the center to tell me more about the place. Amongst other stuff, he did tell me how all those fields belong to the sports-recreation centre and not to school :)

I kindly ask Niantic to return the removed portal "ŠRC Ante Bužančić" as it is completely valid.

Every comment is welcome. Thank you.



  • Category: Removal appeal
  • Title of the Portal: ŠRC Ante Bužančić
  • Location: 43.52043, 16.474096
  • City: Split
  • Country: Croatia
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A
  • Photos to support your claim: All of them are uploaded above in the post

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  • This portal is litterally in front yard of an elementary school "Osnovna Škola Ravne Njive".

    It was removed from the game for valid reasons twice (!) and it should not be restored.

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    Wrong. I attended this school when I was younger and I know what I'm talking about. If you watched the news, you'd know how that's a sports-recreational center opened with presence of the country representatives and not by the school staff. The country owns that center, not the school. Yet EU is investing into improving those terrains. Inform yourself before writing bollocks.


    If you want to learn more we can sit down for a cup of coffee and discuss about it. Pretending to be an internet warrior leads to nowhere. That is a much better solution than calling my friend (another agent) "a s**t".

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    Yeah having a coffee with a person who sent me deth threats? I don't think so.

    And on-topic, you can make up all the stories you want about this portal, it's still in a school area.

    We have rules (Portal Guidelines) for a reason.

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    Dude seriously? Playing a victim here won't get you points.

    It's not the school area. The school yard is striaght under its windows (can be seen from the satellite).

    You did not read the article I provided. The event was on news and in the newspaper and you're not informed.

    And speaking of Ingress guidelines (which you obviosuly did not read) - Niantic restored the portal :)

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  • weren't you banned from wayfarer for not following said guidelines?


    please refrain from giving input unless it's related to flamboyantly colored bricks which seem to be your area of expertise. you're obviously out of your depth here (and everywhere the water reaches someone's waistline)

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

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