Requesting return of bursters due to app failure

edited February 12 in App Feedback

Hi At approximately 8.40 to 8.50 am 12/2 Prime went down in Brisbane Australia (else where i assume too) with a scanner communication error. Inability to deploy or attack. I lost a unknown but large enough number of bursters. Not returned due to this error. The bursters used were as a result of frackers I paid for. Please replace in my account bursters or frackers.

This is not the first time this type of situation had occurred. On 1st of February there was an atleast 15 minute period where same thing occurred. I would also like these bursters replaced. I have screen shots where the system failed and portals I deployed on reverted to prior status. Including portals I had distroyed reverting to prior status.

These are 2 of the latest incidents that this type of error has occurred. Other is extraordinary drift while fracking, extraordinary drift while trying to deploy. Game gliching requiring restart while fracking.

I don't mind paying for frackers but when resources acquired are consumed by gliching and ability to use portals while fracking... I believe either bursters or frackers should be replaced.

Thanks in advance

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