Prioritize Ingress Submissions/POI

I dont know but there's a POI I submitted before pogo trainers had access to OPR now Wayfarer, It's already on intel and it's not my submission. It was submitted thru pogo since the photo has unknown rather than an IGN.

I mean there's an upgrade system, but the [in voting] trigger is appealing to pogo more?

Yes I have several already on [in voting] but I still need to upgrade them

Additionally, I cant upgrade because the reviewing here became so trashy that the reject reasons are way OFF POINT and a few are approve-able to be portals.



  • That has happend to me very few times, and probalby there is nothing NIA can do about it.

    For me it was the case the I arrived on Saturday to a Park, took a picture, sent the nomination with ingress, and after 3 days I got the notification that my nomination was duplicated, when driving to the POI indeed there was a portal created with pogo.

  • They likely upgraded their nomination to get through before yours.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wayfayer, OPR, and even back in the day when Portal Monkeys used to flip a coin for a portal submission, the dang things have never been in anywhere near chronological order.

  • As I mentioned, reviewing here became so trashy that the reject reasons are way OFF POINT and a few are approve-able to be portals as well.

    I do follow criteria, I reject with proper reasons, I approve even i hate them since they're still in the criteria.

    I blame them mostly.

    They are very few OPR reviewers before they came in, and with prime not much stayed. so majority of reviewing are their doing and I can never tell who is influencing them on making bogus reviews. (massive tons of bad edits TOO since Niantic just had to release portal edits to pogo)

  • McReesingtonMcReesington ✭✭
    edited February 2020

    Why would they prioritise the game which doesn't make them money over the one which keeps the lights on and has the bulk of the players?

    FTR I think accounts are internally weighted based on submission history, wayfarer rating, or Niantic audits, and lower weighted accounts have lower priority. When I first started submitting I had things in queue for months which established players submitted long after and got accepted before mine.

  • I have over 230-250 portals discovered, I have a good rating on OPR, i have never been blocked for 24 hours or something similar. And still have 31 portals "In voting", from different zones, different types of POI, churchs, gazebos, signal parks, religios murals, playgrounds.

    Then my wife takes his pogo account, submit a POI, and its live after a week.

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