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    Inventory still randomly disappears, but a restart set it back where I could see it.

    So the images for all the items are superimposed upon one another. This also has the inventory inaccessible. If I go by the names, it's a crapshoot as to what the game actually brings up... Still can't access inventory. Even though, technically I CAN see it now.

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  • Maybe I should try chiming in on their brag article to get some movement on my bug fix. I really had regained some hope of resolution after Wednesday's server glitch brought more attention to their already long existing inventory bug.

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    Does it look like this?

    This happened to mine back in August.

    Did they also claim your issue has been resolved and close your support ticket after not checking to see of it actually worked?

    If that happens this time again after fighting so hard for support, I'm gonna go ballistic!

  • I've also found out clicking 'Manage' causes my app to lock up and requires a reboot of the app.

  • After one false start Niantic got me squared away.

  • Yep, that's exactly what it looks like. I'm gonna try one thing myself to see if I can fix it, but short of that I'm in technically the same position.

  • Same issue happened to me.

    iOS 13.3.1, iPhone 7 Plus.

    ingress 2.39.3

    The worst thing is that my inventory went from 1900+ to 2500+ after problem happened😕... I don’t even have 500 items outside capsules. Now I totally run out my resonators and cannot hack because of too much items. Also event started for so long but I cannot even play for getting the medal since I cannot hack at all.

    Please resolve it😭

  • It has been like this since yesterday.

    It becomes like this when accessing th inventory immediately after starting the application.

    Items can be deleted only once.

    However, accessing the inventory again. inventory screen is blank.

  • Was messaged in-game. After that first fix, DM'd the symptoms to them...

    After two tests and a restart, I'm confident in saying I'M FIXED!

    Looks like the final solution was for the programmers to take EVERYTHING out of my lockers and capsules to find the duplicates and have them properly removed.

    I have the pleasure of trying to put everything BACK in lockers now. lol. I’ll take it!

  • Do we all need to be as loud as DanteAmayA and hijack threads to get the fix?

  • I hope not. Hopefully now that we've found a successful fix the programmers can fix everyone up in a jif.

    Just be prepared for a forced reorganization of your inventory... Especially keys. [weeps at 755 keys on hand]

  • 54 hours After mail... Always nothing.

  • That happened to me after swapping out items in capsules in Redacted, then going into Prime.

    Try emptying all of your capsules and see if it goes back to normal. If so, you may have a duped capsule.

    Let me know what happens, if you could.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Yep mine got resolved a about an hour ago. Like was stated the first step was them unloading things which although I had to manage some gear I was happy to be able to access some keys I had stored away

    Then layer they fixed the duplicate issue it seems and it all work again.

  • DanteAmayADanteAmayA ✭✭✭
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    I couldn't touch my capsules, even after the initial fix where I could see everything. The images were superimposed and item order was out of ****.

    When I retorted that, it looks like the programmer emptied everything and deleted the duplicate info. Probably manually.

    When I logged back in to test it for them again, everything was "on hand" and no more glitchiness.

    Slowly putting things back in capsules now.

    I'm gonna stick around this thread for a bit and cheer everyone on...

    Looks like we've barely started the race when it comes to fixing this.

  • When all the items in the capsule were put in the inventory, it was fixed.


  • Thank you for your updates. Your story is very similar to what I'm experiencing now.

    They also reached out in-game, but the problem was still there at first. Then they unpacked all caps and lockers, and then I got my inventory back... At least for once, having to restart each time I want to re-enter. I also have the superimposed object issue now, rendering my newfound inventory useless. Also, caps and lockers don't function correctly. For example all my quantum caps are in one pile, but they still seem to have their names.

    It is strange that multiple people have to go through the same agony. I would assume that once they figured out the issue, it would be easy to quickly fix it for everyone.

    One tip: when you get into this state of superimposed items, don't try to put items in caps or lockers, you might lose them. I put 100 keys in the sole accessible key locker, and they were gone at first. Later I found them back in a quantum capsule. When I emptied it, the keys disappeared again, and I have no idea where to.

    On the bright side: at least I now know for sure that they are working on it, and that it may eventually be resolved!

    For now, I'm looking again to get rid of a couple 100 items to save my sojourner streak once again...

  • My inventory is now visible again. I tried playing a little, but it works fine. Thank you for the correction.

  • Honestly i'm exhausted right now, i hope that i get a fix soon, it's been 5 days (and almost 2 into the event) now ...

  • Hello Agent,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We have received the error logs from you and the relevant team has been reviewing the reports. Our development team has been working to fix the issue ASAP. Sadly, we do not have any updates or timeline as to when the fix will be available at this time. Please keep an eye on our official (https://community.ingress.com/en/) pages for any updates. You can also follow us on our social pages. 

    We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience. If there is any other concern, you can always write back to us.

  • You have received more feedback than the majority of us.

  • In a effort to try and make it easier I deleted like 300 keys that I knew had duplicated after they unloaded my capsules and lockers.

    I was capped and wasn't going to probably get a chance to use them, especially with half being duplicates.

    Not sure if that helped the agent removing the duplicates but I figured I could try. Otherwise I had over 1000 keys with the lockers emptied.

  • My inventory count only changes while I'm actively playing, no sign of attempts being made to correct the issue.

  • That's rather poetic that the link they sent you goes nowhere.

    7+ weeks after being told they would fix this, nearly 75 hours after error log submission, and still nothing fixed, partially fixed, nor any word of progress (hope).

    I wonder why they never had me submit my error log for this until last week. 🤔

  • After some looking around myself, I have solved the superimposed/overlapping item issue myself. I will try to explain my view on the issue and how I solved it below. This is a best effort attempt, because it is not simple to describe it in words, as the behavior is very strange. It might be an elaborate description, but hopefully it can help some others struggling with this issue to resolve it themselves without having to wait for Niantic.

    When I had the overlapping item issue, my inventory looked like this:

    • A bunch of items not relevant to my issue (all the action starts from the capsules)
    • A stack of capsules
    • A stack of quantum capsules
    • 5 key lockers
    • frackers
    • beacons

    I noticed that in addition to the (quantum) capsules and key lockers the items to the right of the key lockers (frackers and beacons) also had a rename icon. When clicking on this, it displayed the name of one of the (quantum) capsules. So although the capsules seemed stacked, the names of the capsules were not stacked and continued upon the next items, in the order that they were before all the issues (if that makes sense).

    I started removing all the names from all the different objects, by removing the name, scrolling to the right or left, and repeat, until all the custom object names were gone and the generic ID name was displayed. At that time, the overlapping items issue was gone and the inventory was fully functional again!

    I then started renaming the quantum capsules again. At a certain point, the overlapping issue began again. I started over removing all names, and then started dropping the quantum capsules one by one. This way, I noticed that 2 of them had the same generic ID name. As long as I kept one of the 2 duplicates out of my inventory, things were fine.

    I did the same with all my capsules, and also found 2 duplicates.

    I removed the duplicate capsule, but I'm still hoping that Niantic can give a new ID to the duplicate quantum capsule, because it's too rare to throw away.

    This proves to me that the overlapping item issue was caused by the duplicate (quantum) capsules. As soon as one of these capsules is in the stack and the other is no longer in the stack, the issue presents itself. When both of the duplicate capsules are in or out of the stack, the issue is not there, but the capsules will basically mirror each others names and contents. The only way I found to have them both out of the stack was when all other capsules of the same type were unstacked (contained items or received a different custom name).

    My take on the initial issue where the inventory is inaccessible is that this is caused by 2 (quantum) capsules with the same ID, but with different contents, but this is purely speculation, as I have no way to replicate this issue. This can only happen if the ID of one capsule gets changed in some way. The big question for Niantic to figure out is: how did the IDs of the capsules change to become each others duplicate.

    I feel Niantic owes all agents that have this issue some form of compensation. My suggestion would be a sixth key locker. This to compensate for the fact that agents lost multiple days of playing, lost a chance to get a (gold) medal in the ongoing event, had to let fellow agents down in already planned operations, and in many cases lost a lot of items (in my case, I lost or was forced to delete at least 500 keys in order to keep my Sojourner streak going). And then I forget to mention the numerous hours of time lost to sort all portal keys again...

  • Honestly, this was my next step (before the programmer reached out and fixed it for me.)

    I have a close friend with some space that was willing to help me out. I was going to drop things for them, one by one, and see what was duplicated. No idea if the duplicate items are safe for someone else to hold, but it was a plan. In retrospect, probably a bad idea to give someone else the duplicate items.

  • Inventory issue returned. No access, black screen.


    Pixel2 XL

    Android 10

    Latest ver Prime

  • MindPilotMindPilot ✭✭
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    Issue resolved!!! So this is what the inventory is supposed to look like, lol. Gonna be a bit of a learning curve getting used to it from the Redacted days.

    I had over 500 keys locked away, 5 fully cooked Quantums of gear...

    ...then over 100 media and 43 regular capsules that had built up over the past many months of not being able to manage my inventory.

    So, truly, WELL over half of my inventory was locked away because of this bug.

    My first order of business is to un-name all my caps and recycle extras and serial number dupes if I see any. No tempting another glitch!!

    I reluctantly thank support for finally getting around to me.

    Thank you @JudgeBearl for starting this thread.

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