Bug can't view inventory



  • @ShareKahn I was only managing my inventory, moving items into capsules or out of my key lockers and first noticed the problem when I tried to delete several keys.

  • At the time of the global bug I was moving some keys from keylockers to regular capsule to drop them to a fellow agent. Capsule that I couldn't drop because of that global bug, I thought.

    A few hours later, when opening back my scanner, I couldn't access my inventory.

    No change since.

    And no news from @Niantic...

  • Okay so the inventory bug concerns
    those who were playing during the
    problem in game.
    Is it possible to resume a backup
    prior to the CP for the accounts
    concerned ?

  • Okay, then the players with access to

    the lockers are concerned.

    Because I also got a key in the locker

    to be able to finish what I did.

    The bug therefore concerns the transfer

    of lockers, not the deployment of a

    resonator or the use of a buster.

  • Has anyone been updated on the fix if one is coming 36 hours hours at least now for me

  • Hello, so I have the same inventory issues. Cannot access and now have half full Quantums with important keys ahead of the didact event locked inside.

    I am using a Nokia 7 plus

    Andriod version: 10

    Ingress: 2.39.3

    Agent name: Pmb69

    My girlfriend has the same issue she has an iPhone 8 and I haven't the foggiest with what her details are.

  • I have some problems.

    Please take immediate action.


    Phone1:iPhone X

    OS:iOS 13.3.1


    Phone2:SHARP AQUOS sense3(SH-M12)



  • Nia, can you show us that you care

    about our concerns? quite frustrating

    feeling of abandonment ...

  • I got a email last night asking for the error log when viewing inventory. Check the email associated with your account

  • My inventory total was higher this morning than it was last night so it looks like my Quantum capsules are still replicating, even if I can’t see them.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    How people are supposed to overcome Didact field challenge having their inventories locked? My god...

  • I too got an email request overnight to provide additional diagnostic data. From that output, it appears that some item(s) may have been duplicated with the same key/id. Here's to hoping that it'll be a simple process to clean this up. 🤞

    Many thanks to the Niantic team for investigating the issue.

  • I can access my inventory and I have absolutely no idea what is going on. Could the server issue have affected the client in some way? Have you tried rebooting the phone or closing and reopening the app?

  • it is certain that it is a duplication
    of the same element.
    As said above, I took out 3 keys
    from a quantum, and used only one.
    Therefore, I put the other two in the
    locker, and thing incoriable,
    the 3 keys are again in my inventory
    while I have indeed used one!

  • ingress prime

    iOS 13.3.1

  • Same, I'm now 36 hours. Niantics reply to me was no time scale unfortunately, and that was 20 hours ago.

  • Have you read the replies on this thread? Your question had already been answered and clearly you don't have the same problem as us.

  • i have the same problem had reported it and didnt receive the email that others have suggested done everything you would normally do clear cache delete app and reinstall was managing my quantum capsules not long before i noticed this everything is up to date the app and ios on my phone it seems to be to do with those accounts that were active and managing key lockers at the time the server had problems so surely this is going to be account specific is there no way that they can hard reset these accounts and reinstate them to just before this happened

  • Fellow agents,

    Niantic support agent have reached out to me via email and guided me to provide an error log to them.

    I think they will reach out to you in due time. While my sojourner streak that has never been stopped since day 1 is now broken, i wish you all the best, and do not lose hope!

    Peace out, agent SkyMonsterJou retiring from active duty. Over.

  • Having the same inventory issue as well.

    LG THINQ7 / 2.39.3-ddc661af / Android 9

  • HopeaKotkaHopeaKotka ✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2020

    Got an email from NIA support and they asked to send error logs. Did that and hopefully it will help :)

    From logs I can clearly see that there are duplicate items in my inventory and

    that is causing a code Exception and that is preventing to show any of items in the inventory view.

    Hopefully NIA can also figure out why an item got duplicated in the first place,

  • The same issue here



    Ingress Prime 2.39.3-ddc661af

  • Day 2, Resistance Log, Agent DanteAmayA

    NIA ops had reached out to select agents, error codes submitted have hopefully identified the issue.

    Agents, don't lose hope! Best results have been reached if you have an open support ticket with Niantic. Go through the in-game support and open a ticket. Niantic will reach out to you in due time.

    Support had reached out to at least 3-4 players. No fixes reported.

    Open a support ticket.

  • Same issue with Xiaomi MIX 2s, Android 9, with scanner version 2.39.3-ddc661af.

  • Does anyone know how many users are affected by this bug?

  • Just an update, I have submmited a bug report and was reach out by Niantic to submit an error code report! Hopefully soon this will be fixed in time for the event!

  • ntzzntzz ✭✭✭

    This happened also yesterday and this just means that they are investigating but this not proves that they are close to find the problem... 

  • GraverGraver
    edited February 2020

    Nice to See that i am not alone...

    It happened on tuesday 11.02. evening around 22:30 German time.... When i wanted to unload the yellow key locker the items were still in.

    After Reboot ingress, i did the same again. Same result. And again same result.... After booting ingress again i saw the yellow key locker 3 Times in my inventory.

    The next morning my portals got stuck like the other Screenshots :-(

    On sunday to monday i lose around 400 Portals with 150+ days running in several countries and the sourjoner is also gone. Afterwards i gonna delete the game i play for years now...

    Please fix it and put back the state from tuesday.

  • Please agents if you haven't done it already....

    1. Open your scanner

    2. Go to settings and scroll down to Help Centre "REPORT PROBLEM"

    3. When the dialogue box opens type "Skip" and hit enter - this avoid the automatic reply from Niantic and forces a human to actually read it.

    4. Type your problem and hit enter. Add screenshots using the paperclip.

    This is the best way to report the problem and shows Niantic this is a serious problem effecting lots of agents. This may also trigger Niantic asking for a bug report from you.

    Let's show Niantic we care and that they should too!

  • Sofonisba and Angelico got a lot of messages thru this error report Tool....

    It is like you got cancer, the doctor said, you have another 2 days.... The guardians are dying......

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