Adult entertainment buisness

According to previous ama adult business are no valid submission. In wayfarer they are also listed under ineligible submission. The problem is if you scroll down to the bottom under the adult entertainment picture. It says bars and pubs are valid submission. Is this a miss print? At this time bar, pubs, clubs and adult entertainment buisness are being submitted in wayfarer. I would just like some clarity on this issue.


  • Guns and lady bumps are a no-go. Places where adults hang out but aren't inappropriate for younger people to be near are ok

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    Around my parts of North America, the terms “bar” and “pub” are interchangeable. They do serve alcohol, yes. But they are also some of the best places to take your family for lunch and dinner. They are concert/band venues. And are very often places where you can spend an entire evening interacting with genial fellowship, whether by way of watching “the game” or playing darts/pool, or attending trivia nights or karaoke birthday parties.

    or in brief, they are a “venue”.

  • It was brought up in another place if a nightclub would be an eligible candidate. Assuming it's for adults only and children are normally not allowed in at any time, how would this fall under Wayfarer guidance?

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