Living (and submitting) where 4 S2-8 Cells meet

i guess niantic wont discuss this, but i bring it up anyways.

i live, play and submit wayspots in the rural parts of middle germany.

my town is exactly in the right lower corner of a S2 level 8 Cell. there is one big city in it, that has lots of wayspots and lots of players. if i submit a wayspot, usually within 4 weeks it gets accepted.

there the problems begin. another part of our Area is in a different S2 level 8 Cell. it has not that much players, as it lacks a bigger city, and also does not have that much wayspots than mine cell. if i submit a wayspot, it doesnt even jump from in queue to in voting. it happens that everyone who submits in that area isnt able to get anything thru. casual players who submit anything will maybe get an acceptance after 6-8 month.

now the interesting part begins -> there is also another S2-8 cell that is next to those two, and if I, or anyone else submits, the wayspot will be accepted in 4-7 days. -> the big thing: that area is totally underpopulated. it hasnt even 10% of the pokestops that Area 1 has. also population is very low there.

i havent submitted anything in Area 4, which is the other one that should bring similar results than Area 1.

conclusion: if you have a big city in your S2- Level 8 Area where you submit, you can be happy. Also if you live and submit very rural, you can expect very fast results.

Do not live and submit somewhere inbetween.

Anyone got similar results?


  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭
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    I have similar but a different experience.

    I live and play on the edge of one particular S2 L6 region. It's a fairly portal dense region. I've only seen a few nominations get accepted in that region, and those typically take over a year without upgrades. If I go a few miles west, I enter a different L6 region. Nominations over there have been accepted in as short as 3 days (no upgrade) but typically take 1 to 2 weeks to close out.

    Because we "think" that you review based on level 6 regions, I never paid attention to anything outside of that. Over the last few months, I've tried zeroing in on it a little more and found a few examples of things being accepted within a few weeks or months in other areas of the region I considered dense and tried to determine cell size for prioritization. Maybe some day I'll even count the exact number of portals per areas...

    Anyways, in my area, it seems like Level 9 may be more accurate representation for prioritization of density than Level 8 as you're suggesting.

  • Are you sure your slow "emptier" cell doesn't have a higher density area in it? I live in a lower density area, but share the same s8 cell as a packed city, so my nominations take several months. However, when I helped out another rural suburb east of the line that borders my cell, those only took a week.

  • the slow S2-8 Cell does indeed not have a high density area in it. it has cities that has some wayspots, but not like the S2-8 Cell with Darmstadt in it (i am in Germany)

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