Account Flying to Anchors portal in South India -> Account Name @Rajvel

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Suspicious Account name: Rajvel

Incident 1 :

Feb 07, 2020 10:43 PM

Portal Name: Temple Bell tower at ayyanar temple

Portal Link:,79.757114&z=15&pll=10.572671,79.757114

Agent RajVel accessing the remote portal in the night time, there is no transport to reach the portal, 100% This account popped up to clear our big field only,

Incident 2 :

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 -  04:30 PM (Today)

Portal Name: ⁣ Shenbaga Devi Amman Temple  (,77.266427&z=15&pll=8.922319,77.266427)

Portal Info:

This temple placed on top of the hill, we can reach the portal by trekking only, It have the separate checkpost at the starting point. Its restricted by the public.

How to reach the portal,

1 Hour maximum to reach the portal, Before 6KM you have a separate check post to start your journey, 2016 They allowed public to access the area, after 2017 They are not allowing anyone to reach the shenbagadevi amman temple /falls

Rajvel Account cleared Shenbagadevi portal portal after 19 Min he reached oher outer city portal its 10Km far from the area, We are suspecting he can't climbdown and travel 10km even though in the bike/car is not possible.

Portal Link:,77.306761&z=16&pll=8.958478,77.306761

It's not easy to capture the Shenbagadevi Amman portal Again, Kindly reset the portal !!

Local Enlightened Channel post for your reference:



(Tg: @StrikingStorm )


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