13 Archetypes: Alchemist



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    The key for the cryptobin is the passcode for the media for the Alchemist challenge. @ReaperNo1

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    This week was fiendish! One of my favorites after life, explorer and skeptic. Started late, got it at page 5 and still took me 3 days. I wasted so much time on octals because the hints insisted that a method was related to how many metals and NOTHING that seemed relevant came up when searching for seven so I thought it must be 1-7+0 =8. Finally it turned out that the obscure 7 hit was right, and that I had transcribed several numbers wrong (so many scribbly notes). Granted, I would have spent less time on this if I just read on in hints every second I did not have progress but I like to really try out all hunches before reading on. At step 4 several online tools saying they were doing the same thing produced nothing, I was gearing up to go to a computer with PhotoShop, then suddenly a late try down the searchlist said CONGRATULATIONS black on grey. Now only 2 days to next challenge o_0

    @NineBerry The chef can't serve me anything edible, may be a problem only for me. But I learned that the kitchen has so many recipes I had no idea :D

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  • I'm stuck on stage 2. I know what the symbols are, but I'm uncertain how the repetition figures into it. I've seen the hints about classic displays and I'm ready for that, if I can only work out how to format the input right. The crazy part is that a one point, I got ASCII of the alphabetical range for values, but that didn't work. I hope this can still be solved after the next one is released. I fell behind this week with non-Ingress stuff taking up a lot of my time.

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    @RiktigFeil do you mean Humanist?

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    @Perkk yes, it can still be solved anytime after the next one is released. it's only a race for those competing for the public leaderboards. if you need any help, please feel free to telegram me. my username is teresakh. i'm still helping others on previous challenges :)

  • Thank you! I got unstuck, working it, but I may keep your name handy just in case. I cold contacted another player to get a hint to unstuck, thank you to them too! (don't know if they wanted to be identified)

  • I did actually work out a way to decode the 4th Stage picture using CyberChef, pretty easy actually :-)

    https://cryptobin.co/y8r2n870 - use final passcode

  • Got it. Thanks for all the hints.

    That probably took me 4 hours, even with all the hints...

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