Portal Key Search Function

Hey there,

just a wish from my side: a Portal Key Search Function.

I have something between 500-800 keys in my inventory - and contiounsly struggle to find the right one.

I understand there are two sorting features - but it takes forever to find the right key. It would be really helpfull if you could just type the name of the top and it shows all matching keys.

Would you guys appreciate something like this?


  • I’ve had a few ideas too.

    “Health”: Organizes by placing all fully charged keys on top and less charged keys towards the bottom. This would make charging keys easier because you won’t have to scroll through dozens of fully charged keys. Just place it in reverse Health order and charge from there.

    ”Faction”: Organizes by what keys are owned by your faction and places all opposite faction keys at the bottom.

    “Held”: Organizes by keys in which you have at least one resonator in.

    All these would be really good quality of life filters I spend so much time organizing. Heck, PoGo has almost 8 filter options.

  • All 3 of those are likely not going to happen since the data needed for that isn't loaded until you look at the key and is prone to change.

  • Let it change and resort, in the conditions when it matters we can either wait for the load to finish or accept that the carousel could jump around. It jumps around already, so no new harm done.

    Or use a sorting algorithm that provides insertion stability over the visible extent. I sometimes use an almost-identical question interviewing software engineering candidates; most new grads can solve it, and our hiring bar is only a little higher than Niantic's.

  • Imagine sorting through a capsule that contains the keys for the mission that starts at thIs portal. https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=52.003272,-0.703442&z=16&pll=52.003272,-0.703442

    The title and image isn't enough to easily disambiguate them.

  • key search is a desperately needed feature... it should show you all matching keys and even let you unload to your inventory from whatever capsule or keylocker it is in. it should also show which key locker or capsule it is in to help with key management. key management is very difficult right now.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes i would love a search function, it save u so much time if we have that option.

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