Why do bans on other Niantic games prevent me from accessing wayfarer?


this issue has not been new - when you have been banned in a niantic game, does not matter which one - you completely loose access to niantics wayfarer tool. It is one thing i do not understand - while support always refers to the other game support (pokemon to ingress and ingress to pokemon), but can not really explain the situation themselves. So why do you (suddenly) loose access for a ban on a certain game, which has been there for a long time - and after i have reviewed ~10000 Portals? The point of the block in wayfarer just does not get to me.

I have partly enjoyed doing OPR/Wayfarer to improve the game for places that lack any POIs. Also I can still submit portals - but no check their status or correct spelling mistakes. Why is the block global and not just on the rating feature? There are so many question i don't find a answer to.

Could you guys maybe suggest what is the thinking niantic has here? (Or maybe even someone from niantic can explain?)

To my story: I have been playing pokemon go, when the game came out. I somehow got trapped by a "get free coins" website (I know not very smart) and gave a third party access to my account - which therefore resulted in a ban (justified nonetheless). After a year or so i came across ingress - and started enjoying the game.


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    You have been banned, to just the account. The wayfarer is a multiplatform tools, by being banned in one platform you may also be banner from wayfarer too.

    What they can't do is ban you from the other game.

  • @Hydraulinski I understand that. But I do not understand the reasoning behind it.

    It certainly hasn't been a problem the last 2 years, why should it suddenly be a problem ?

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    Two years ago OPR was exclusive for ingress accounts, now they are merged. When you're logged in wayfarer, they can't see if you're rating for ingress or pokemon, so penalty is applied to both.

    The reasoning is that you deserved a ban in one place and this extend to everything related to it.

  • I see that, again. Still thanks for your reply.

    But there is still no reason for it? On the other side - why isn't my ingress account banned aswell?

    Also, i have been rating (as i already said) for 2 years before that, and an influence on over 10000 submissions - where nothing bad happened. I actually did free work for niantic. Why does the pokemon go ban relate to my wayfarer account - it does not make sense at all. It certainly does not relate to my ingress account.

    I can't understand what they thought when doing this - "well thats an active player, has rated 10000 submissions - has been banned in pokemon go 2 years ago. Has played ingress for the almost the same time always stuck to the rules... Well maybe he suddenly tries to hack wayfarer?? Lets restrict his access so he better can not do anything!!" - ?! I mean, if i had the means to, or wanting to do "bad" stuff on opr/wayfarer i had 2 years time to do it?

    Just as a thought of mind - why not simply revoke access privileges when one game instance is banned - but as soon as you are eligble from another game restore or keep access? I mean they certainly do not want to ban the account on ingress - otherwise they would have done so already, don't they? That would at least make somewhat sense - if you loose the account which grants you access - you loose the access also. But as long as you have an account which grants you access, you can keep it?

    Still for me as player, who invested countless hours into opr(wayfarer) it seems outright unfair and absolutely not thought through.

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    What did you do to be banned?

    The reasoning behind your ban also qualified you as invalid to proceed reviewing. Niantic probably don't like cheatters and other kind of violators of the TOS making changes in their waypoints.

    Are you sure you're not making edits against the rules? With the new report abuse feature it's probably won't be hard to identify abusers.

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    If someone is banned from playing one of their games at what point are they capable of judging new elements that affects all of their games? It's a matter of trusting in someone who was caught breaking the ToS of one of their products. Wayfarer is their only crossover platform. It's only natural they have taken this decision.

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    the reasoning is because you made the mistake of using the same google account for the games, that is it, the funny thing is you are still capable of sending submissions/edits with the other game even if you are banned in one, why? doesnt make sense, is more likely because their programmers/devs dont know how to ''solve'' or dont want to, because in the end all the information about your account is linked into a google account isnt like you created a niantic account or wayfarer account, is a google account

    no matter what people tell you about they dont wanting or trusting somebody, do you remember the riot about ''niantic dont want to allow pogo to review because they dont trust them and are a bunch of cheaters'' and here we are, they just make assumptions just like iam doing it, but something is sure, they link accounts hence the same id is applied into the wayfarer log in credentials from the google account and if one game has banned credential that will happen, you arent logging with ingress or pogo or harry potter you are logging in with google account not niantics not wayfarers etc

    and i think same as you, you shouldnt be punished just because you have a ban in a game especially after a time where you proved already you are capable of doing opr/wayfarer

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