Mini Library removed ?

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How is it possible that when a Mini Library is around my place, it is removed within a motnh (and I know exactly by Who) And that when I report such Libraries in another town, my portal edits/removals are denied ?

Minibieb in het Groen

Location : Eerbeek, Netherlands, Europe (link is from the nearest portal

Minibieb in het groen is a legit Mini Library which stands in the green grass. Public safe acces. (instead of those I reported which are on PRP)

If this is a legit removal, please tell me how to report those other Libraries, cause they are on PRP and they seem to be legit. Just Curious.. Or is this one removed because 3 players from 1 faction gathered keys and distrbuted this among their team during the latest Farm ? And so they mass-reported it ?

Special thanks on behalf of my pogo playing neighbour (5 years old) he lost his Poke-stop.

And big compliments to G.V. - D.K.M. - H.T.B. for playing the game on the person instead of playing the game.

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  • Seems to be legit according to NIA guidelines Also legit avvording NIA guidelines.

    So Libraries are legit ? or not ?

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    in NL there are a lot of minibieb portals.

    they meet the opr agreements [library, education] and meet the removal rules[most of them based on prp] please draw 1 line and communicate this line.

    Remove all--> PRP

    OR allow all-> library, education

    not seperate rules for the same object

    example not on prp:,4.783716&z=16&pll=51.674912,4.783716

    example on prp,4.783424&z=18

    both are reported by multiple agents multple times but still online.

    defined on this outcome i will make additional reports to let this be removed.

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

  • This was interesting. At least in the US, minibieb (little free libraries) on PRP are removed and rejected. There is one clear line of communication in the US: Little free libraries are acceptable unless they are on PRP.

  • Here it seems that every free little lirary is accepted. Even remove suggestions on PRP are rejected, and a request in the park are removed.

    It seems that some players of a certain Faction have found a way to get everything removed they want.

    Even a church tower ???

    And if you report those players for inappropriate game play nothing happens. But if you make 1 wrong comment in the Comm you get a 30 day ban....... It all has to do with WHO is handling the appeal or request

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