Berlin, Germany (2020-03-08): Mission Day Information

This thread is for discussing the Berlin, Germany Mission Day on 2020-03-08. For more information, see the event page at


  • International Women's Day is a public holiday in Berlin. Let's celebrate the Women's Day with a Mission Day. The focus is on the women of Berlin. It doesn't matter whether they were born here or had a large part of their work in Berlin. In addition to the big names such as Marlene Dietrich or Lise Meitner, the rather unknown heroines in the fight for recognition and equality, such as the world's first female rabbi Regina Jonas or the first female director of a zoo Katharina Heinroth, are also interesting. All women have an interesting history and came from different professions. We tried to choose a variety as an insight into the complex history. All of them shall be honored on the 8th of March with a Mission Day Mission.

  • AECAEC ✭✭

    We published small information texts and a possible route for all 18 missions on Instagram:

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