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As we all know, there are thousands upon thousands of backpack accounts and many “armories” which are just a collection of dozens of unused accounts holding and duping items. This continues to damage the game as old players with dozens of accounts still have many thousands of Aegis and viruses, and factions hold large stores of gear in dump accounts that never played and never will. As a solution I propose:

activity level: if an account doesn’t link or field for seven days, quantum capsules will stop duplicating items. If an account doesn’t link or deploy for 30 days, items begin to decay (not frackers, beacons, or items purchased with CM). 1% per day chance of decay, increasing over time, until the account becomes active again. Items in capsules and inventory are affected; the capsules themselves are not. I’m on the fence about key lockers, overall I guess they should be left alone.

This will let backpacks make a choice: move all their items to active accounts, use their backpacks and therefore expose them to Intel, or lose their hoard. Inactive legit players will be affected as well, and while unfortunate, most players never come back and stay for long anyway.

To clarify, when I say “chance of decay” I mean an item disappears forever. Not Xmp8 turning into Xmp7.


  • HydraulinskiHydraulinski ✭✭✭✭✭

    The most viable is the quantum stop working. The rest will just damage honest players.

  • Suspend accounts that dont do anything for a few months.

    Active players can request to be reinstated.

    Backpack accounts won't do anything except pick up, and drop, so an account that keeps getting reinstated without ever hacking, deploying, upgrading, modding, linking, blasting, or nominating will get flagged, and forced to go through the tutorial of doom. Maybe they'll learn to do something in the game. If not, eventually just ban them.

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    I like that when I return to some game after half a dozen years, I still have exact same account as it was when I left. I don't think it should differ there.

  • This will hurt honest players more then the backpackers.

    I play casually and I don't want to stress over my inventory. If you get punished for being inactive, it ceases to be a game and becomes a job.

  • I've been thinking about this a little, and I've realized, these aren't ways to encourage activity, they are ways to punish inactivity. That's an important distinction to make.

    Ingress currently has a sustainability problem due to a lack of player participation. We need ways to encourage more activity, but this idea can only discourage certain types of activity.

    While the limited activity of cheaters is no draw for new players, and the limited activity of marginally active players isnt ideal, it is still activity.

    For cheaters, we want to discourage the cheating, and encourage legitimate play. This seems to only discourage one very specific type of cheating, at best.

    For inactive players, we want to not discourage them at all, and instead encourage more activity from them.

    Props on wanting to encourage more activity, but it looks like you've brought the whip when we needed the carrot.

    What carrot would encourage more active participation?

    I know what would encourage more activity from me [redacted], but nobody wants to implement that 100% guaranteed effective solution. So... any other ideas?

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