Forget avatars, what about Icons?

So hear me out, here. My avatar is something only I can see. And yes, it's awesome following my piece of toast around on a map. That really doesn't do anything.

What about sell (Hear this, Niantic? More money!) the ability to have your ICON (the thing in the top left corner of your profile) be multiple glyphs? When you turn 16, you get the option to have a 3-glyph "phrase" of 3 of any glyphs you choose (They don't have to be existing phrases, but obviously have to be existing glyphs themselves). Then if you recurse, you get the option to have a 5 glyph phrase? Maybe for those lower than 16, you can "buy" the option to have a 2 glyph phrase? Because OTHER PEOPLE can see that, and let's face it, that whole icon with the background options is just...old and busted.

When you look at someone else's profile, maybe it could show the glyphs, what, 3 times, before it stops? or if you tap on it, then it'd show whatever their sequence was set as? It'd get more folks interested in learning the REAL name for glyphs (maybe) and Niantic is always looking for ways to make money. :)

Thoughts? Input? A better way to accomplish something like this?



  • Glyph Gif!!

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's what I was hoping for when reading the update. We're also to change our avatars on here to the archetypes. Make the same thing exist on the agent profile.

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