Off Site Anomaly Participation Experience Being Degraded

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Dear @NianticBrian

I've always loved anomalies. Things have evolved from the early days where we only had primary sites, to having satellites, then to having off site participation. I've always felt these were improvements to the events as they allowed more and more agents to participate. More is better isn't it? The umbra series recently made off-site participation even better with decoding challenges which led to more people overall taking part in anomalies.

In previous years whenever an anomaly was held within a 3 hour flight I always made it a point to attend on site. Whenever I couldn't I made sure i joined a recharger or Intel team. This was possible because the sites were still within range of me to participate as a recharger.

The news that the Munich anomaly will only support rechargers and intels as off site participation is greatly disappointing. For one, agents in Asia and Australia are excluded from off site recharging because almost every part of Asia is out of range of recharging. And obviously only a handful are needed as intel operators.

I respect your business choice to only have One Anomaly in Europe, but I do expect you to do more to support the rest of the world participating as off site agents.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this degradation of the off site experience by bringing back the decoding challenge (with medal credit) or some other form of participating with medal credit for off site agents.

You must realize many agents who still play Ingress faithfully like to earn medals. If you cut out the means to earn these medals we might as well throw in the towel like so many others have thus far.

Thank you for your consideration.


  • Agree. Recognition towards official participants are a great way to acknowledge our contribution to the game as well as serving as an incentive for more to join.

  • GridEXEGridEXE ✭✭✭✭

    We still don't know the full details of the off site participation with Requiem. There was always some form of Intel released via G+ accounts when anomalies were about to start. It's going to be no question here.

    I understand decoding challenges were stated with the last anomaly but it might be integral with on site participation events as well? I mean this always assumed some form of dedicated players tasked with decoding from each faction regardless if onsite or not. More details never hurts.

  • StranditStrandit ✭✭✭

    I’m willing to operate for any individual player who’d like their own personal operator. I’ll mostly say “okay, you should do what your team lead says,” because I’d hate to **** up strategy. But I can guide you to the nearest rest room, keep an eye on weather forecasts, cheer you on, give you score updates, and tell you whimsical stories.

  • SnegniySnegniy ✭✭✭

    Niantik are bastards and will not react in any way to your request

    There will be no more anomalies, play in the FS and enjoy (ha-ha-ha)

    Ingress is dead, humble yourself

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